Updated: March 22, 2023
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I have downloaded the Uber application but I can't enter the pick-up address

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you, too

Can you please explain the issue in detail?

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I’m in a rehab facility after a terrible car accident. My husband is at home but, needs to go to a doctor appointment next Tuesday. I have downloaded the Uber application but, when trying to set up a driver to pick him up next week I can’t get past our address information. I would to enter the date and time he needs to be picked up. After trying several times I I thought the best way would be to call Uber and set it up


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I am really sorry for this.
I want to clarify that we are Howly - an online expert question-and-answer website that connects users with verified technical experts that can assist with any tech-related issue. We're not affiliated with Uber, we provide assistance regarding issues on the platform, but we don't have access to their databases, and therefore, can't change anything from our side. However, we're gonna do everything we can to help.
What do you see on your screen when you enter your pick-up and destination address?

My address and option for map location

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Can you enter the correct pick-up address?

I did enter my address and where my husband is going. It said no rides available. I want to set up this ride for December 6 3:00 pm

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*****, are you using Uber from the site ot the App?

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the app from my iPad

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Got it.
Try to restart the app, please.

Ok started and added my address now it wants map location

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You can pick choose the location on the map or enter address

My address was entered now what is the next step

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The next step is you need to choose the destination
You can point it one the map or use address

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Ok I’ve done that an got it reserved. Will I get a confirmation

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Yes, you have to wait for it.
You'll receive it on your mail/phone number and will see it in your Uber account.

Ok thank you for your assistance

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Thank you for chatting with us today!
We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

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