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Alex Sherwin
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Alex Sherwin

Tech Expert & Writer
University of Phoenix
  • iOS & Android smartphones & tablets
  • 5G and other cutting-edge tech
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Mac OS and applications
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Alex Sherwin | Tech Expert & Writer | 30 years | Phoenix, AZ
I take my job at Howly not simply as a way to earn money. Instead, it’s endowed with great importance for me. All because Howly is a synonym for being helpful. When our users face a tech concern, we’re the first to help them. So if you’re up for a good technical solution, welcome to my chat room. I’m always there to assist.

About Expert

Growing up as a part of a Software Development and a Designer family made me realize one thing – technology is everything. Whether we like it or not, technology is so deeply rooted in our lives that we literally can’t live without it. During my childhood, I often saw people experiencing tough times because their TV or laptop wasn’t working properly. And in my mind, similar cases are even worse today because we massively use technology for our jobs, not only for leisure.
So what to do then if a device stops working? Almost always, the best solution is to trust a professional. And it’s not just an advertisement:) The thing is that only a person who is well aware of software and hardware can define a real problem cause and eliminate it. Of course, autonomous attempts can also sometimes be successful, but overall they are much less productive.
However, I advise you to read some of Howly’s blog articles to be more technologically apt. And, indeed, some of them were written by me:) It’s where you can prepare yourself for technological issues and feel more confident about how you try to fix them.

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