Updated: April 10, 2023
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I currently have Windows7 and would like to upgrade to 9 or 10.

f I send my PC's specs, can you tell me if the Adobe Photoshop CS2 loaded into my PC will be compatible with a newer Windows?

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Yep! Go forward with your PC's specs

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Can you please open device manager on your PC?

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Okay, good
Open "Display adapters"
This section displays which graphic card is used by the computer

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not sure Im looking in the right place

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"Display adapters"


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moving slowly

Sure! No worries - no need to hurry

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do i look under Computer or devices and printers?

The name of it Display adapters
And there should be an arrow that you need to click

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but what section on the pc

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It is in "Device manager"
So first you need to open "Device manager" and then look for "Display adapters"

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Top answer

Adobe Photoshop CS2 was released in 2005, and it is not officially supported on newer versions of Windows. While it may still run on Windows 7, it is not guaranteed to work properly on Windows 10.
Please note that running an outdated software like Adobe Photoshop CS2 on a newer version of Windows may cause compatibility issues and potentially compromise the security of your computer. It is recommended to use the latest version of the software, which is Adobe Photoshop 2022, to ensure compatibility and security.
Based on the specifications you provided, your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running Windows 10.
However, please note that the performance of your computer may be affected by upgrading to Windows 10 with only 4GB of RAM, and you may experience slower performance compared to running Windows 7. You may want to consider upgrading your RAM to at least 8GB to improve performance.

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That is very helpful. Can i print that explaination?

Yes, you can save it somewhere using Ctrl + C function

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Thanks a lot.

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You're welcome, *****!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No, the wife is calling for dinner! :)

Great! Bon appetit!
Thank you for chatting with us today!
We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

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ok great

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