I cannot access my items on my square. I have checked all the connections and everything is fine. I even tried hot spotting my mobile to to the square and I still get the same message Error in internet connection?

Expert: Vitalii Yovko

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Vitalii Yovko (Expert): Hello, thank you for using Howly, my name is Vitalii. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

Customer: *****

Vitalii Yovko: Nice to meet you, *****!

Customer: i cannot get onto the internet for my square even though I ha ve checked all connections and I know the account is paid. It will let me turn it on after I have given the email and password but that’s all it allows. I am getting frustrated as I am losing Customers. I even tried hot spotting my phone to the square but still no contact.

Vitalii Yovko: Do you have issues with this page? https://squareup.com/us/en

Customer: checking the page now

Vitalii Yovko: Thanks!

Customer: ok. I just tried it will let me sign in then gives me a message NO Network connection. Try later

Vitalii Yovko: You don’t have such an issue with other pages, right?

Customer: I can’t other pages as I can’t get past the first log in page!

Vitalii Yovko: I mean, with other sites

Customer: What other sites. I only deal with Square

Vitalii Yovko: Do you use a computer to access it?

Customer: As I just have the square screen at work and my computer at home

Vitalii Yovko: Are you able to open this site, for example? https://www.google.com/
Vitalii Yovko: Just tap on the word “link” highlighted in blue

Customer: it doesn’t show that link. Once I sign it it comes up with the No Network Connection. No blue link
Customer: it does say at the top of the page “use a device code”
Customer: also Configure Device on the left hand side of the top page

Vitalii Yovko: Okay. Can you please restart your computer and try to access your page again?

Customer: no same thing again. Ok I am on the page that says configure device

Vitalii Yovko: Can you please send me the picture or screenshot of what you see?
Vitalii Yovko: To attach pictures to our chat, you need to press the paper clip button in the lower right corner of the chat window. Then you have either to choose an image on your device or take a photo right away. Then confirm sending.

Customer: Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 3430991

Vitalii Yovko: Thanks! As I see, it’s connected
Vitalii Yovko: Can you please send me a picture of the page you can’t access?
Vitalii Yovko: Square

Customer: Really. If I can’t access it how can I send you a photo I need to get into the site showing my items to sell

Vitalii Yovko: I need a photo of what you see when you try to access it

Customer: Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 3253633

Vitalii Yovko: Please tap “Back to sign in” and send me a photo of what you see. I understand that it doesn’t work, I just need to see what it says and what the page looks like when you try to access it

Customer: Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 2916780

Vitalii Yovko: Thanks! Please tap “Sign in” and let me know what you see

Customer: Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 2963551

Vitalii Yovko: You need to enter your email and password to sign in
Vitalii Yovko: Please do that and tap “Sign in”

Customer: Thank you I am in. Hoorah!!!!

Vitalii Yovko: Glad to hear that ????