Updated: March 16, 2023
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I am going to install Roku system need advice on equipment

They want to stream to three tv sets. Should they have one primary, one to use on other sets, is there additional charges?

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You do not need a Roku for each TV in your house, but you can choose to have one Roku for each TV if your budget allows you to. You can also use the same Roku for all your TVs.
You’ll need to unplug the Roku from one TV and connect it to the other TV; this is the only way to use the device with multiple TVs.


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This is a new installation, will be wireless WiFi. Will two stick HDMI devices work?

Yes, that should work
The advantage of having a streaming stick would be that you won’t need to plug in or unplug anything.

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I am trying to leave the main tv connected, then have another to use for either tv up stairs. Hopefully they could watch different channels?

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They'd be able to watch different channels and work at the same time only if you buy a Roku for each TV

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Ok, is there any other charges I volved?

Other than a price for an additional Roku device - no

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When I authorize this system so I need to provide information on both sticks?

Yes, you'd have to setup and customize settings and information on both devices, but once that's done you'd never have to replug or change anything and they'd be personal to each TV
A bit more convenient than having one and having to replug it every single time

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Would you be kind enough to make any recommendations on equipment?

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If you want a 4K experience with your Roku, this is the price for a single Roku 4K streaming stick: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?field-keywords=Roku%20Streaming%20Stick%204K%20%7C&tag=rph0c-21

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