Updated: March 25, 2023
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A friend has sent explicit photos via WhatsApp and she wants to delete the photos

I have a question about privacy. So a friend has sent explicit photos to her boyfriend who is now in prison because he abused her. She wants while he's in prison to delete the photos she has sent him from the cloud. Is that possible?

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May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you, ****!

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You too

****, could you please specify how your friend sent the pictures?

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Via WhatsApp to his account/phone


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Thank you, ****!
Actually, your friend can delete those pictures in their conversation on WhatsApp. Though, if her boyfriend has already saved it, to my regret, there is no way to delete them from his device unless she has access to it

She said it only shows delete for me
Not delete for everyone because they were sent few months back
So that wouldn't delete it for his chat

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Okay, does her boyfriend use iPhone?

Yes and so does she
Oh not sorry, he is with galaxy's
So android and she is with iPhone

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I see
So, he sees the messages in their conversation while it's not seen from her side, right?

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We don't know what he sees but the photos are in the conversation and can be accessed even if he logs on from a different decide
Can they be deleted from the WhatsApp messages media part for both parties

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Understood, this happens because Whatsapp deletes messages only for one side of the conversation, ****

So impossible to delete it for him? Because I know messanger does it for both sides

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Actually, we could try something but it's more of a trick and it's not guaranteed to help
Officially, it's not possible on WhatsApp
Does she have those pictures in their conversation?

Yes she does
The pictures are in the media
The media, links and docs part

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I mean, she still can tap and hold the messages and select 'Delete', right?

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It says delete for me

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Please allow me a moment to provide you with further instructions, I would really appreciate it if you would wait for me in the chat. Thank you!
I'm really sorry for the delay. I'm still working on this, just stay in the chat, please!

Yes ofc

Thank you, ****!
Please, ask your friend to follow the instructions below:

  1. Put your phone on Airplane mode
  2. Go to the Settings app > Date and Time
  3. Set the time so that it's before the message was sent
  4. Now, without turning the Airplane mode off, head to Whatsapp, go to the conversation and select the messages you want to delete
  5. Then go to the delete option and you will see the 'delete for everyone' option
  6. Delete the message and only now turn off the airplane mode, set back date and time back

Is everything clear with the provided instruction?

We'll try now
Do you mind waiting until she does it

It's okay
Take your time!
Let me know if you have difficulties with the instructions, I will do my best to help!

Thank you so much
You're great

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It's my pleasure, ****!
I'm happy to hear this!

She says it works
She's still checking

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Please, keep me apprised.

Yep it works!! She'll keep doing it
Thanks a lot! Have a great night/day

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I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!
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Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

Nope that's great

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Thank you for chatting with us today!
We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

Thank you again

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You're welcome, ****!

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