Xbox app remote play not working – tested methods from A to Z

Updated: July 03, 2023
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Xbox app remote play not working – tested methods from A to Z
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Xbox Remote Play controller is in high demand since it allows launching games installed on your console on the go wherever you are. If your gaming equipment is connected to power and the Internet, you are free to play from scratch or revert to the board anytime. To that end, you only need to plug the compatible game controller into your smartphone. Is your Xbox app Remote Play not working? Don't worry. Howly is at your fingertips to address the issue on time and generate straight-to-the-point solutions.

Before we start

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How to fix Remote Play Xbox One not connecting to the gaming contraption?

Is your Xbox Remote Play not connecting to your mobile phone? Before taking on the next fixes, you should reboot the Xbox app to ensure its validity on your smartphone. Then, restarting your gaming device is necessary. The point is that many users don't pay attention to the updating message. However, keeping the mobile gadget up to date is crucial. Still, the problem may require a different way out. Stop panicking but leave all trouble to Howly professionals. Our qualified team has consolidated information to present an ultimate guide below.

Can you turn on Xbox One remotely and play using a keyboard and mouse?

When trudging from Xbox Remote Play away from home, the keyboard comes in handy when you need to text only. So, it cannot perform as a game controller. The mouse cannot be attached, either. And although you may know games compatible with those physical accessories, Xbox Remote Play does not accept them, even if it deals with the games friendly to this mode.

Why is my Xbox controller not turning on? Top reasons to consider

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No one wants to be taken out of the game because of the non-workable Remote Play Xbox. Although the device usually features quality operation and good durability, you may run into a situation when the button doesn't light up. It means the Xbox controller not turning on problem has ripened. How to fix things? Before finding and applying the right solution, the reason should be clear. Here are key factors causing trouble with your device:

  • Drained batteries.
  • Charging cable issues.
  • Internet connection is bad or failed.
  • Firmware shortcomings.
  • You are not in range of another system.
  • Connection issues with Xbox accessories.

Once you have revealed the cause, you will easily find the right solution and correctly apply it based on our recommendations.

Unplug your remote play from other controllers.

Is your Steam Remote Play controller not working? Then, check whether you have connected no more than eight controllers to your console. Eight is the maximum allowed number. So, if you have exceeded the limit, take the following simple steps:

  1. Push the Xbox button on a controller.
  2. Focus on the appropriate option to switch the controller off on the menu.
  3. Disconnect one or several controllers you don't need at the moment.
  4. Turn on the required controller again.

Is your Remote Play controller not working thereafter? Please check whether you connect only one Xbox system at a time. No more consoles can be paired.

Check batteries for applicability

Why isn't my Xbox controller working? The answer can be much easier than you think, meaning you should replace batteries. For that purpose, open the correspondent compartment on the controller's back, take out the batteries, and ensure their right placement, plus-to-plus, and minus-to-minus. Besides, you should check metal tabs that weaken over time or with careless use. Is everything okay? Then, insert a new pair of batteries.

Cover distance without exceeding boundaries

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You should consider the preset distance. Otherwise, your Xbox Remote won't turn on. Many users try to extend its wireless range, but the hardware is constant. Still, there is a way to enhance the range. To that end, you should eliminate physical obstacles and reduce interference from other electronic equipment in your house. Finally, placing your remote play on a line-of-sight to the console is a good idea.

Check the cables

The cable can get out of order, causing Xbox Remote Play connection issues. In this regard, check the cord's both ends to ensure they're appropriately plugged. Is that not a problem? Then, disconnect it from the console and plug it into another USB port. Is Xbox Remote Play down? In this case, detach the Play & Charge cable and take a different micro USB.

Restart your gaming console failing to respond to the controller commands

You can restart your Remote Play unavailable Xbox by pressing the Xbox knob on your controller for several seconds. You will see the Power Center with several options. Please, pick the Restart Console function. Subsequently, select Restart from the pop-up window that appeared.

Reset your Xbox Console Settings

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Reboot via console Settings by choosing Settings from the Xbox guide. Here is the way you should follow to succeed:

  • Push the Xbox knob on the controller.
  • Opt for the Settings point of the menu.
  • Find the General screen under the Settings menu.
  • Pick the Power mode and Startup.
  • From the available option, choose Turn Off.
  • Confirm your intention by clicking Restart.

There is no need to worry about the information, whatever method you choose. All data will be saved on the console.

Deactivate and re-enable remote features

When you run into the Remote Play not working trouble, disbanding and re-enabling the Remote Features may help:

  1. Push the Xbox button and go to Profile & System.
  2. Head over to Settings and pick Device & Connections.
  3. In Remote Features, ensure the action of enabling remote features has been verified.

Alternatively, it's possible to remove the tick to deactivate Remote Features and turn off Xbox remotely. Then, pull out the power cable and plug it in again in several minutes. Once your console is on, activate the Remote Features.

Update the Xbox Firmware

Here's how to remotely turn on Xbox One via updates:

  • Power your console and log in to your account on the Xbox Network.
  • Open the guide by pressing Xbox on the controller.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Go to System and then find Settings.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Make your way from Kinect & devices to Devices & accessories.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Pick the ''three dots'' image to see more functions.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Opt for the Firmware version.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Choose Update Now.
Xbox app remote play not working
  • Once the process is completed, click Close.
Xbox app remote play not working

Occasionally, this box shows zero updates available. It means no problems since you have a relevant setup for Xbox Remote Play.


What should I do first once my Xbox Remote won t turn on?

Find out whether your Internet connection is stable. Outages, broken routers, and other problems can make your console and Remote Play impossible to use.

How to check whether I meet the terms for Remote Play Xbox remote play Mac and other devices?

Make sure your region supports the service. If yes, check the server's status via Xbox's official website. Besides, an Internet connection of at least 7Mbps is crucial. Consider having Android 6.0, iPhone iOS 13, or Windows 10 versions for a seamless setup of Remote Play Xbox.

How can I contact support remotely to turn on Xbox One?

To get in touch with customer care, head to the online support section on the Xbox site and click Contact. Specify your trouble and describe the problem. After that, pick the channel to communicate with someone in charge of solutions.


After reading the article, you can stop bothering yourself with the quest for the right solutions and easily remove any issue, whether you seek how to set up Remote Play Xbox, turn it off, or anything else. Of course, experts can only cover some details at a time. Apart from described issue, other challenges are possible. So, whether you want to learn how to handle Xbox remote play without a controller or the branded mobile app, Howly is here. Contact a responsive service anytime, 24/7, to enjoy your gadget for pleasure without a second thought.

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