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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


  • iOS applications
  • 5G and another cutting-edge tech
  • macOS and applications
  • Electronics & Household
  • Mobile applications
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Mike Hezhoian | Tech Expert & Writer | Kyiv, UA
Hi, I’m Mike. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
My favorite thing to do is to troubleshoot an issue. I am quite certain that there are no unsolvable problems, so we can get any solution by just retaining a curious mind and the wish to dig deeper until we find a true cause. That is what I follow in my job. So be sure that once you enter my chat, you can leave it only with a comprehensive solution.


My first smartphone remains in my memory because it was also my basic experimenting device. My curiosity about the tech industry was born when I was about 10, and since then, it has only strengthened.
What I like most about tech is that it’s a never-ending challenge. You never know what will be the next question of your clients, so you have to work hard to have tons of info in your head. But who said it would go without challenges :)
What’s more, there was a moment I understood I could already share my knowledge with others. Since then, I’ve finished dozens of articles, blog posts, and case studies. And there are even more to come… In this way, I aim to teach people to tackle their issues as soon as they evolve.
So don’t hesitate to write me in a chat if you need tech advice.

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