Windows 10 taskbar not working – typical difficulties and what you can do

Updated: June 20, 2023
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Windows 10 taskbar not working – typical difficulties and what you can do
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Taskbar is one of the main Windows 10 components that opens the gates to various aspects of the operating system's performance via a Graphical User Interface, in abbreviation as GUI. Yet, occasionally, you may find it fails to operate adequately. The case is not critical as Howly offers several efficient solutions.

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Is your Windows 10 toolbar not working? Frustrating failures and mistakes are easy to fix by applying the techniques described below. Once you notice it stops responding to your commands or freezes, turning off the opportunity to move your cursor around, choose the right option from the list to restore functionality and independently repair the feature's underlying elements.

Why is my taskbar not working? Key triggering factors

Realizing the reason for the taskbar not working Windows 10 is half the battle.

  • Your system is out of date.
  • Corrupted system files.
  • Occasional glitches.
  • The lack of vital services
  • Much clutter, like a long search bar.

Some issues are not rocket science and can be resolved in a minute. For example, you can hide a long search bar by clicking the Search button and then Show search to disable unnecessary elements or Hidden. At the same time, other nuances might be tricky for regular users and require detailed recommendations.

Windows 10 taskbar not responding to auto-hide

Occasionally, the auto-hide preference fails to operate properly. There is nothing to worry about a great crack in the Windows toolbar not working since it is just a glitch, and the solution is very simple:

  1. Go to the Settings section.
  2. Then, head to Personalization.
  3. Find the Taskbar option.
  4. Empower Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
Windows 10 taskbar not working

Has the option been on? In this case, deactivate it and re-enable it. As a rule, toggling between modes restores functionality and remove the glitch. However, it happens that the home bar still doesn't hide. Please, consider a glowing app. It is notification about about the attention the app needs. Error messages and other alerts from websites or chats may also turn off the function.

Taskbar not responding Windows 10 – check missing icons

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Is the Windows icon on the taskbar not working? Suppose your toolbar has lost its icons, meaning no visible operational choices in the System Tray down here on the right. In this situation, you might have to deal with the Command Prompt and resort to typical troubleshooting commands to amend the problem. The entire process is straightforward and looks as follows:

  1. Press the Win + X key combo or click the Start knob with the right side of the mouse.
  2. The Power User menu is in front of you.
  3. Initiate a Command Prompt (Admin) window. PowerShell (Admin) and Windows Terminal (Admin) also suit.
  4. Access relevant tools to fix the issue.
  5. Choose the SFC command to launch System File Checker or Disk Image Servicing and Management (DISM).
  6. Reboot once the process is over.
 Windows 10 taskbar not working

Windows taskbar not responding or frozen

You may face inconvenience once Windows 10 taskbar stops responding to your clicks. No panic, since PowerShell rushes to help once you type it into the Start menu and click with the mouse's right knob to enter. Subsequently, select Run as administrator. Initiate the following command to re-register all apps:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

And finally, find and remove the TileDataLayer folder by following the digital path C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local.

 Windows 10 taskbar not working

How to stick the taskbar to a certain place on the screen

Is Windows 10 taskbar not functioning the way you want because it moves around, which seems annoying? Just start with Settings, go to Personalization, and find Taskbar to ensure turned on Lock the taskbar. If it is disabled, turn it on to prevent the home bar from moving around the computer screen.

How do I fix things if Windows 10 toolbar doesn't work

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Home bar is number one when we make search and launch apps. Sometimes, you need a bit more than a few click when solving the laptop taskbar not working problem. Let's shed light on the most efficient solutions developed to remedy frequently faced issues to let you easily restore the tool's operation on short notice.

Restart the system or create a new account.

Have you tried all, but Windows 10 toolbar does not work? You can make the system behave flawlessly after returning to the System Restore point, meaning going back to the moment before glitches. To completely restart, hit Alt+F4, press Restart from the drop-down menu, and click OK to succeed. If it doesn't help, new account creation will do the job:

  1. Please utilize the Settings app by using the Win + I shortcut.
  2. Go to Accounts and find the Family & other users section.
  3. Pick Add someone else to this PC.
  4. Opt for I don't have this person's sign-in information.
  5. Point out a new user without a Microsoft account to prevent a coincidence with your login.

Reinstall the Windows Explorer

Why isn't my taskbar working? You can retrieve the problem by entering the Task Manager and restoring Windows Explorer. To that end, please take several steps described below:

  • Hit the Windows+R combination to access the Run dialog window.
  • Enter the taskmgr.exe command.
  • Click OK to empower Task Manager.
  • Find and pick Windows Explorer from the list.
  • Press the Restart option.
  • As a result, the issue will disappear.

Once the process is done, the strife like ''task bar won't work'' stops disturbing you and interfering with work and fun.

Update your drivers and Windows

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Outmoded drivers cause various problems, including the situation when your taskbar doesn't work or behaves strangely. However, you should primarily update the entire operating system by following Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

 Windows 10 taskbar not working

Sometimes, the step is efficient and clears up the trouble. If not, please update your drivers via Microsoft, Device Manager, or manually from the manufacturer. In addition, we'd recommend you bypass dealing with third-party programs for this purpose. The method is workable but requires a careful approach since it can be a double-edged sword. So, to keep your Windows healthy and reduce the risk of new problems arising, you should skip updates if everything goes right.

Activate startup repair

The method is not dedicated to home bar issues but has a wide range of applications. However, it remains an efficient way out when Windows 10 task bar doesn't work. Let's reveal how to initiate the process:

  • Head over to System Settings.
  • Navigate Updates & Security.
  • Apeal to Recovery settings.
  • Left-click Restart now to reset your computer in recovery mode.
  • Pick Troubleshoot and move to the menu's Advanced options.
  • Hit the Start-up Repair button to remedy the glitch.
  • Opt for your account and sign in to launch repairing.

This way, the system will detect the problem and get restarted.

Taskbar went missing from the menu

Why is my task bar not working? Or, maybe everything is okay. You have no answer if you cannot find it on the menu. So, let's bring the toolbar back through the following algorithm:

  • Place the cursor at the point of the taskbar's recent location.
  • Hold the left button of your mouse and drag it away from the screen's border until the cursor turns into the pointing-out arrow.
  • Calibrate the toolbar to ensure the right size according to your preferences.
  • After that, use Safe mode to restart the system and repeat the procedure in regular Windows.


How can I deal with the System File Checker Scan command prompt utility?

If you need this method to remedy the Window 10 toolbar not working problem, hit the Windows+R combo to open RUN. Then, enter cmd, and activate the combination of the CTRL+Alt+Enter to get CMD as administrator. Now, please apply the command line below.

My taskbar is not working. Should I resort to a malware scan?

If you face such a problem and previously taken measures have turned out to be useless, the presence of malicious malware inside the system is possible. So, open Settings by hitting Windows+I and pick Update & Security. Continue your way to Windows Security and then Virus & threat protection to activate Click Scan.

Is it possible to add a program to my taskbar?

Once you've resolved the Windows 10 home bar not working problem, you're free to pin any program by pressing on the right side of the mouse and picking the Pin to taskbar option.


Although the system's home bar is relatively straightforward, pitfalls may lurk on the horizon. So, is your Windows taskbar not working 10? Now, you are fully armed with the necessary knowledge to determine the headache and select an appropriate quick fix. Still, many factors affect the bar's operation, causing problems and errors. Take your time to highlight the right underlying reason. However, if you are in an emergency and need immediate assistance, Howly professionals are easily accessible 24/7 ready to provide you with on-time help.

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