What is Windows 10 remote

What is Windows 10 Remote Assistance: how to remotely connect to another Windows computer

Updated: February 13, 2023

As an advanced computer user, you surely know how to set up the program or fix some issues. However, everyone has a friend or a relative who needs assistance in using a PC. For that purpose, Windows provides specific instruments such as Remote Assistance which is officially called Quick Assist. It’s Windows built-in remote assistance tools that let you manipulate another personal computer at a distance. 

In this article, we reveal what remote PC assistance is and how to launch it. Share this article with a person you want to start a remote session with, and you make it within minutes!

When to use remote access?How to launch remote access

Remote Assistance is handy in case you need to troubleshoot some problem on another computer remotely or permit access to another individual. Windows 10 remote assistance gives you next perks:

  • you can view what happens on the screen of another PC;
  • you can type commands and run all apps on it,
  • control the computer pointer and even play games on it.

A remote desktop is not the same as a remote assistant. When you access a personal computer via this tool, it blocks off the computer for anyone else. With Windows remote assistance you can simultaneously use the computer with its owner. So, the person who wants to grant access to their PC should give admin rights to the helper. 

Remote assistance is a great tool either for personal or business outcomes. With Quick Assist or Remote Assistance, businessmen can guide their clients through software setup, give advice and even teach computer basics. Let’s see how to fix a computer remotely on the Windows operating system.

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