What is DRI Kaspersky C: how to cancel DRI Kaspersky auto-renewal

Updated: May 17, 2023
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What is DRI Kaspersky C: how to cancel DRI Kaspersky auto-renewal
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One day you receive a notification about the charge of your funds from the account marked DRI Kaspersky com or DRI*Kaspersky Lab. If you don’t know what you’ve been charged for, let's figure out what it is and how you can get your money back from DRI Kaspersky Lab. All you need is just a few minutes of your time and instructions from Howly experts.

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What is DRI Kaspersky Lab?

DRI Kaspersky Lab

DRI is an acronym for Digital River's digital payment service. It is responsible for analyzing e-commerce, payments, and marketing services.

Kaspersky Lab is a Russian company that is developing programs aimed at protecting computers from viruses, spam, and other malware. This company offers various products for laptops and smartphones. The usage of its services is prepaid and works on a subscription basis.

On their website, kaspersky.com, you can buy various tools, usually with a yearly subscription. The price depends on the number of protected devices and types of protection. Payments are made mainly by credit card.

After subscribing, you’ll get automatic Kaspersky auto-renewal. Once you pass a billing date, you’ll get fully charged for the next period. Unfortunately, users often forget to turn off auto-renewal, so the funds are still charged from their accounts. But such unexpected charges also happen to people who have never used the Kaspersky service.

So let's figure out together how to cancel Kaspersky auto-renewal and what to do if funds were withdrawn from you without your consent.

What is auto-renewal, and how to turn it off?

DRI Kaspersky Lab

If you purchase some software from Kaspersky, you subscribe to a renewal of its paid tools and most likely agree to automatic license renewal.

If you already have a My Kaspersky account, follow these steps to cancel Kaspersky auto-renewal:

  1. Log in to My Kaspersky account on the official website with this link.
  2. If you can’t remember the password, select “Forgot your password?” to make a recovery.
  3. When you log in to your account, follow the Subscriptions.
  4. Select the membership you want to stop.
  5. Click on Manage Turn off auto-renewal.
DRI Kaspersky Lab

If you see a membership, but can’t cancel a Kaspersky subscription, contact their support team.

If you purchased a Kaspersky product through the Digital River service, follow the next steps to cancel Kaspersky auto-renewal :

  • Sign in to your Digital River account with your email and the last 4 digits of your credit card on the official website. You can use this link.

Notice: In a payment marked DRI Kaspersky, you can see a number order of 11-12 digits. You can use this order number to log in to your account.

  • When you log in to your account, you will see a Cancel button. Click on it, and you will unsubscribe.

If you have any issues following these instructions, contact Digital River agents via this link.

Why do people think it’s a scam?

banner 3

When you get a DRI Kaspersky com or DRI Kaspersky Lab charge, don’t worry. It’s not a scam, but a forgotten membership:

What can you do in different situations to stop being charged by this company:

  • If you have ever bought Kaspersky products - most likely, you have been charged for the annual subscription, and you need to cancel it if you do not need it.
  • If you have already canceled your subscription before, then you should contact Kaspersky support with a request to return the funds or contact the support of your payments provider service.
  • If you have never been using the services of Kaspersky, you should contact the support of your payment provider and possibly temporarily block your card. Maybe someone stole your card data to use it for scams and scheme purposes. Do not share your card data with third parties, and do not enter them on resources you do not trust.


What to do if you couldn't cancel the auto-renewal of your license

Contact Kaspersky support, and tell the date of purchase, the date when you unsuccessfully tried to cancel the membership, full name, e-mail, and order number.

How to identify the provider through which you purchased a solution

There are two ways you can start your membership: via the Kaspersky site and with Digital River service. Visit my.kaspersky.com and log into your account. If you didn’t see active membership but still get charges, check Digital River.

How do I stop Kaspersky from charging me?

Withdraw your membership. Visit https://my.kaspersky.com/, go to Subscriptions → Manage → Cancel. You can still use premium antivirus up to the next payment date.


To sum up, if you are charged by DRI Kaspersky C, then you most likely haven't canceled your annual subscription. Please don't forget to cancel paid subscriptions when you no longer need them. In this article, we figured out what a payment marked DRI Kaspersky com means and how to protect your card from unwanted payments.

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