What does SQ mean on a bank statement?

Updated: April 10, 2023
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What does SQ mean on a bank statement?
by Bridget Stivenson
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Your bank statement's "SQ" letters are not a bad sign. They mean that the merchant you buy from uses Square company transaction services.

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This article will help you understand what to do if a charge needs clarification. Howly's paramount tech specialists prepared it with all their expertise in scamming protection. If you seek more solutions, contact our support center 24/7.

Identify the Square purchase

Small businesses, like food trucks, pop-up stores, and independent contractors, frequently use Square because it's cheap and easy. Charges in your billing in such stores appear differently, but they always start with gosq.com or SQ on bank statement. For instance:

  • the bakery Sweet Doughnut is identified as SQ*SWEET DOUGHNUT BAKERY;
  • a baker without a company name is listed as SQ*BAKERY PEG JOHNS;
  • a person selling baked goods is marked as SQ*PEG JOHNS.

Remember where you were on the transaction date and what you might have bought. Do the following if you do not recognize the merchant's name on your bill.

What to do if you don't recognize a merchant?

You may likely face credit card theft if you don't recognize your statement's merchant name linked to the Square charge. Contact your bank to notify them of the fraudulent charge and request it back. Your credit card provider will investigate the transaction and try to fix the problem.

Furthermore, it's vital to routinely check your credit report and monitor your credit card receipts.


What is a Square?

As a payment processing company, Square enables businesses to take in-store bank card payments.

Does the squ*sq* charge on the bank statement indicate fraud?

The scam is probable if you don't identify the merchant linked with the charge. Notify your bank immediately for them to take action.

How can I protect myself against frauds?

Check your credit card statements frequently for any odd activity, and check your credit report. In case of fraud, contact your bank and ask for a chargeback.

Summing up

A Square charge denotes a transaction completed through the Square payment gateway. There may be fraud if the seller who charged is unfamiliar to you. Immediately contact your credit card provider and take precautions against additional fraud.

Contact our tech team if you need a detailed consultation on bank fraud. We are open 24/7 for you.

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I think it's important for everyone to know what Square charges are, as they are becoming more and more common these days.
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It's important to monitor your credit card statements for any signs of fraud.
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I've seen a lot of Square charges on my credit card statement, so it's good to finally know what they are for.
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Square charges are typically legitimate and not signs of fraud.
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