What Canon printers use 250 and 251 ink?

Updated: February 15, 2023
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What Canon printers use 250 and 251 ink?
by Vitalii Yovko
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It’s unpleasant to witness how your printer stops working for no reason. The most common cause of this malfunction is an empty ink tank. The moment you change it to brand new, the problem is eliminated. So if you want everything to work as it should, choose the ink compatible with your printer.

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But are there any Canon printers that use 250 and 251 ink? Yes, it’s a long list, with dozens of devices. We gathered them together to save you time. Also, Howly tech experts answered the most popular questions about these cartridges.

Full list of Canon printers that use 250 and 251 ink

These inks are suitable only for approximately 30 devices from the PIXMA series. Here are they:

  • iP7220;
  • iP8720;
  • iP8750;
  • iX6820;
  • iX6850.
  • MG5422;
  • MG5520;
  • MG7120;
  • MG6620;
  • MG5620;
  • MG5420;
  • MG5450;
  • MG5500;
  • MG5522;
  • MG5550;
  • MG5622;
  • MG6320;
  • MG6350;
  • MG6420;
  • MG7150;
  • MG7520;
  • MX722;
  • MX920;
  • MX925;
  • MX922;
  • MX7250;

Some users on forums say that you can use the 271 or 281 ink on these printers, but you should not believe them. These inks are not interchangeable. If you buy these cartridges and put them in your printer, it will throw an error message. So you spend money on it but won’t be able to print any document.

Do all PIXMA devices use the same ink?

It’s sad to say, but they don’t. Cartridges are the primary source of profit for printer companies. That’s why they try to differentiate the cartridges as much as possible, so they can fit just a limited amount of devices. And PIXMA is no exception to this rule. There are some Canon printers that use 250 and 251 ink, while other devices from this series work with other cartridges. That’s why you should check the manual, where you can find the list of compatible inks for your device.

Why do some Canon printers have 2 cartridges for black color?

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Dark ink is used everywhere: from printing office documents to high-res images. That’s why multi-purpose printers can have 2 or more black cartridges. Each one of them has a different kind of ink.

The first cartridge has a basic pigmented ink (PGBK) used for text documents. Another cartridge has a dye ink for photos, graphic illustrations, and high-resolution content.

Can I buy 250 XL or 251 XL ink for any printer that supports the ordinary 250 or 251 cartridges?

XL cartridges for Canon PIXMA printer

Yes, you can. The main difference between these cartridges is the amount of ink:

  • Ordinary option: 15 ml in PGBK  and 7 ml in each C/M/Y/K/G cartridge
  • XL option: 22 ml in PGBK and 11 ml in each C/M/Y/K/G cartridge.

Both options have the same size. So they are compatible with the same 28 Canon printers that use 250 and 251 ink.

Can I fill the cartridge with the ink on my own?

This action won’t help you bring the cartridge back to life. It has a small chip that counts the number of prints. When it exceeds the critical number, it stops working.

Filling the ink won’t reset the chip. So, buying a new cartridge is the only available option.

Final Thoughts

Most printer manufacturers try to divide the income sources and create as much as possible types of cartridges with no way to fill the ink in it manually. That allows them to earn even more because you must buy new ink cartridges every time your current stops working.

Sadly, Canon is no exception to this rule. You can use 250 and 251 ink only with 28 printers from the PIXMA series. If you try to use them with a different printer, a special chip won’t allow you to do it.

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