Western Union error codes

Western Union error codes: how to fix most common issues

Updated: February 3, 2023

Want to send or receive money using Western Union but see some error code? Western Union is one of the most famous and popular services for sending money worldwide. 

But, unfortunately, sometimes errors still occur. It is incredibly frustrating when this happens with an urgent transaction. How to quickly fix the problem? Try to fix it yourself or contact a specialist. Howly experts work 24/7 and are always ready to help you resolve any issue remotely.

What do error codes in Western Union mean

You will see the code if you have any problems with the operation in Western Union. For example, Western Union code R7008.  Most often, it consists of a letter and several numbers. You can see them in the mobile app or when sending a bank transfer. After that, probably, you can start Google: “R7008 Western Union”.Western Union error codes

If the first letter is R, then your account is under restrictions. If the first letter is T, then there are technical issues. Most often, only the security service knows the meaning of these codes. Sometimes they mean that it is impossible to carry out a specific operation, and sometimes they talk about blocking the entire account. You can see, for example, Western Union error code C2008. But only the support team can tell you what it is. 

The most common codes are R7008 and R7009, meaning you have been banned.

What to do if you see the Western Union error code R7008 or R7009?

The Western Union support service monitors transactions 24/7 so that all transfers are legal and do not violate anyone’s rights. But sometimes, even a support specialist cannot answer why you see R7008 or error code R7009 and why you were banned. The security service is responsible for the decisions; the one you communicate with may not have this information.Western Union error codes

The only thing you can do in such a situation is to send an email so that the blocking decision is reviewed. Unfortunately, the revision does not guarantee that your operations will be held again, but there is still such a possibility.

The address for sending such letters is gcr@westernunion.com. If you do not know how to write a letter to increase your chances of unlocking, contact Howly specialists, who will do everything so that you can send and receive money again.

Use the help of Howly experts for troubleshooting Western Union issuesWestern Union error codes

No one is protected from payment system errors. But you can still steam them. If you see that the transaction does not go through or the account is blocked, you do not understand why you need to talk to the support team.

To get a comprehensive and quick answer, you must correctly compose an appeal and attach all the necessary data: a screenshot with an error code and a description of the problem. For example, you can write that you can’t send money to a friend, and you see the R7009 western union error code, add a screenshot and send the letter. Howly experts are always ready to help you solve any problem remotely within hours. Describe your question in the chat and get a quick, detailed answer.


What does it mean if I see a Western Union code R7009 or another error combination?

Western Union has its code system, where each means some error. For example, Western Union error code R7009 means that you were banned. But only the service support service knows the meaning of most codes.

Why can't I send money to Western Union?

It may be due to a technical error or internal verification problem. You need to remember the code you see when sending money and find its meaning in the service support service.

How can I contact Western Union support?

You can do this through the website: https://wucare.westernunion.com/. There you will find tutorials for solving many issues and communication channels.

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  1. Nancy Cromer
    Why I can’t receive western Union this is very unprofessional
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      Nancy Cromer, hello! Thank you for your question. If you need personal expert advice, please type your question in the Chat window at the top of this page. Howly experts are always there to help you! 
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    2. Nancy
      Howly Team, Why was I banned I’m a law biding legally blind citizenThis has NEVER happen I’m being black balled by the fbi I think if I’m wrong Correct me I neede my cash for medical reasons and to pick eye drops up I seldom use western Union and you banned me I have the right to know
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    3. Howly team
      Nancy, hello! Thank you for your question. If you need personal expert advice, please type your question in the Chat window at the top of this page. Howly experts are always there to help you! 
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