The touchpad does not work on Windows 10

Updated: April 04, 2023
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The touchpad does not work on Windows 10
by Dmytro Sywyi
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Windows 10 users may face the touchpad failure problem right after the installation of the OS. Often the problem evolves when the system update is completed. What can you do to make it work again? Let's discuss ways to solve the problem in the article.

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Need to turn on and configure


Sometimes, the touchpad does not work because it is turned off. It is the simplest reason that can be easily fixed. All you need to do is use a key combination. Press Fn+one of the F1-F12 keys. How do you know which one? You can select it by examining the top row of the keyboard. You will see a kind of hint picture on one of them. Pressing these two keys at the same time will restore the touchpad operation. Repeated action, on the contrary, will disable your touchpad again.

Didn't it help? It happens. Then you need to enter sensor settings using the Control Panel (item "Mouse"). You should activate the process of switching it on. If you see a checkmark near the option of disconnecting the device simultaneously with connecting the USB, uncheck it. It also helps to restore the default settings.

Drivers are out of date

Also, the touchpad can stop responding because the drivers need to be updated. You can solve the problem by entering Device Manager. You must select the required item and run an automatic search process there.

Possibly the system will not detect any available options. Then you can go to the official website of your gadget manufacturer. In some cases, this may help you to find new drivers. After downloading the files and running the installation, you will only have to wait a little while. Successful functioning should be established.

In some cases removing the touchpad may help. If setting up and upgrading your touchpad didn't help, you can try this option. You need to enter the Device Manager and find the touchpad in the list. After removing it, restart your laptop. Then after the startup, the device will start searching for its automatic configuration. It should help to get your touchpad back to normal operation.

Check BIOS


The steps above didn't help? Then try entering the BIOS and checking if the touchpad is definitely enabled. In the Internal Pointing Device menu, you will see two items: Enabled and Disabled. Pay attention to which mode is active.

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If your device is set to Advanced mode, 10th-generation Windows may not recognize the touchpad. Then you should opt for the basic mode. Next, you need to check if the item appears in the list and enable it using the method described at the beginning of the article.

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