The network settings do not meet the requirements of this network

The network settings do not meet the requirements of this network

Updated: March 5, 2023

In this article, we want to share with you a solution to the “The network settings saved on this computer do not match the requirements of this network” error, which not infrequently appears in Windows 7 when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Most often, you can see this error after changing some wireless network settings on your router or in Windows settings.

If you have Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, the error may be different. For example, “Can’t connect to this network” or “Some data has changed since you last connected. Additional information is required to establish the connection” – this message you will see in Windows 10.

When we connect to a Wi-Fi network, Windows saves some settings for that network. Mainly, these are the security settings (password). When a new password is set in the router settings without changing the network name, the computer still tries to connect to this network with the old settings (password), which do not fit. This error happens when saved network settings do not meet the requirements of the network.

The easiest solution to this error is to delete (forget) this wireless network in the Windows settings and reconnect. You can also manually set a new password in the network properties.

Resolving an error in Windows 10

  1. On the computer with Windows 10, such an error is usually shown “Check network requirements…” notice.
  2. Then you will see a  password request with a message that additional information is required to connect. You can simply enter the password and click “Next“. The connection should be established.
  3. If that doesn’t work, try forgetting the network. To do this, simply right-click on the desired network and select “Forget“.

Remove the “Network settings saved on this computer…” error in Windows 7 Remove the "Network settings saved on this computer..." error in Windows 7 

There will be a red cross in front of the name of the Wi-Fi network. If you select the network, you can see the error text itself: “The network settings saved on this computer do not meet the requirements of this network”.

  1. If you are sure that the password is the problem (for example, you changed it yourself before the error occurred), you can open the properties of this wireless network and on the tab “Security“, just write a new password.
  2. But the best thing to do is to go into the “Network and Sharing Center“. Open “Wireless Network Management“.
  3. Right-click on the problematic network and select “Remove Network“.
  4. Then simply reconnect to our wireless network.


Instructions for Windows 8 (8.1) and Windows XP


As with other versions of this operating system, we need to remove all settings for the Wi-Fi network that the system doesn’t want to connect to. So that the computer will see our wireless network as a new one that it has never connected to before.

To do this, in Windows 8:

  1. Open the list of available Wi-Fi networks (tray icon).
  2. Find the desired network, right-click on it and select “Forget this network“.
  3. Reconnect to the wireless network.

In Windows XP:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Go to “Network Connections“.
  3. Right-click on “Wireless Connection” and select “Available Wireless Networks“.
  4. Delete the profile of the Wi-Fi network that we are having problems with.
  5. Reconnect.


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