Laptop breakdowns that cannot be repaired

Updated: February 17, 2023
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Laptop breakdowns that cannot be repaired
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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The lifespan of a laptop is not as long as that of a computer. It usually lasts only a few years. And indeed, we are not talking about decades. Some failures entail a complete loss of normal functionality with the impossibility or impracticability of repair. What are these troubles? Let's explore.

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It isn't easy to return this element to its former function. Do not forget about the cost of the work. The budget is significant. It is easier to abandon the idea of repair and buy a new gadget, saying goodbye to the old one. This is especially true for owners of quite old models of laptops.

How do I know that it is the motherboard that is affected? The device stops starting up properly. Operation starts, successfully notified by the indicators, but the screen remains dark. Sometimes reinstalling the operating system with the autorun disk helps eliminate the problem.

But if this does not affect the final result, the matter has gone too far, and the situation is much more complicated. The motherboard has probably completely failed.

Central processor

Central processor

The processor is an electronic component that is quite sensitive to high temperatures. If its level rises significantly, there is a great risk of encountering a loss of the element.

It is common for built-in coolers to break down, which also causes severe overheating. This happens because of ignoring the rules of preventive maintenance. Regular dust cleaning (once a year) and periodic replacement of thermal paste are strictly obligatory procedures. Debris and dirt clog the fans, accumulating and preventing normal operation.

CPU burnout is only one part of the global problem. It also affects other important components of the device.

Natural aging is another cause of trouble. Too long a service life brings the element's life to a logical end. Sooner or later, it may well happen.

Overclocking is also bad for the performance of the processor. Generally speaking, putting any wear and tear load can seriously damage electronic components, reducing their lifespan. This results in a complex failure that cannot be repaired.

Power surges in the mains aren't a good thing. Only the use of a surge protector will save the owners.

Graphics processor

Graphics processor

Do you notice that the status lights indicate a successful start, but the screen remains dark? All indications are that the image output is disturbed. Normal signal processing is also not possible.

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Multiple artifacts become visible on display. Colors and hues become severely distorted. Usually, the system itself tells you that there is a malfunction. Characteristic sounds are produced.

Repair is not always feasible, and its cost is often unaffordable for many users. Therefore, this type of failure is not always amenable to repair. The last nuance is especially often felt when trying to carry out self-repair. It also often becomes the final reason to buy a new laptop.

Battery and fluid intrusion

Battery and fluid intrusion

If the battery of your notebook computer has become unusable, it can no longer be salvaged. It is impossible to repair a battery that has reached the end of its life. Only the purchase of a new one will save the situation.

If a laptop has been flooded with a lot of liquid and the user has not unplugged it and removed the battery, it is almost 100% likely that a short circuit will occur.

Contacts begin to oxidize, and the condition of critical components slowly but surely deteriorates. The result: a completely inoperative device. Repair is unlikely to be a good solution. It is correct and cheaper to buy a new gadget.



Another element that cannot be repaired is the matrix. It is one of the most fragile elements. Mechanical damage and liquid ingress can quickly destroy it. It does not take much effort to damage it seriously.

It is enough to sharply close the lid in the presence of small objects on the keyboard or slightly sit on the gadget for inattention. And that's it - you can say goodbye to the matrix. The cracks can't be glued or repaired in any way. Nothing like that has been invented yet. Replacement is not as expensive as in the cases above, but also not too cheap. If the laptop is not very new, the owner may not want to invest in it.

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