Is it possible to recover data from a non-working PC? Proven methods you should try!

Updated: March 02, 2023
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Is it possible to recover data from a non-working PC? Proven methods you should try!
by Vitalii Yovko
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Have you lost important data because your laptop stopped working? Don't worry. Their successful recovery is possible. You only need to use the tips described in the article.

Before we start

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Method 1

If your Windows operating system fails, Linux Live CDs and Windows Installer boot disks can save you. Booting your PC using them allows you to recover your files. But beware, it won't work if the cause is in a bad state of the hardware.

Using Linux Live CDs and Windows Installer Boot Disks

After inserting the desired disk into the disk drive, you must turn on the device. You should see a desktop or a loading window on the screen. This is a good sign. The chances of success increase.

Next, you need to select the media where you can copy the lost files. USB flash drive and hard disk drive of external type can be used.

The easiest thing to interact with is Linux Live. Working with Windows involves a few operations that are not always easy for a newcomer. We are talking about manipulating the system file management window.

Method 2

Working with Smart and R-undelete control

It can be used if the first method does not help. In most cases, there are problems with the video card, motherboard, or power supply. These unpleasant moments do not mean that the hard drive is broken. It means that there is a chance for successful file recovery.

The computer or laptop must be disassembled. The component in question is removed and then mounted into another device. When the latter is plugged in, the information of interest is freely accessible.

Proper disassembly

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  1. Disconnect the PC from the network.
  2. Remove the housing cover.
  3. Unscrew the screws and remove the hard disk.

The reverse installation of the component is done in the same way. Mounting the drive in some models of laptops is not always so easy. In case of doubt, it is better not to act on your own but immediately contact a specialist workshop.

Important subtleties

While working, you should always ensure that the installed element is in order. How can you tell? Refer to the following indications.

  1. Error-free detection of the disk name, the very fact that the system reads it.
  2. Normal starting speed.
  3. No harsh noises during operation.
  4. The system control produces no adverse reactions.

If you suspect something is wrong, stop any further action immediately. Calling a reliable technician is a must. Otherwise, you risk a total loss of data.

Working with Smart and R-undelete control

Smart and R-undelete

Does explorer not display the files? You need to find the corresponding drive and specify the size to make it easier to identify the item. Its normal state is checked with Smart, which can be called by right-clicking in the disk area.

If the result is bad, you should not even try to solve the problem yourself. Only a professional will help. Otherwise, you should create a disk image.

Then it is possible to select the specific types of files to be restored. This is done using the "Clear All" button. Next, you should scan the disk using R-undelete. After the process is complete, you will see the partitions that were detected during the scan. Among them, you need to select the appropriate one which was searched for.

Those files that need to be restored must be marked with check marks. All that remains is to select the location where they should be saved. The "Recover" option will start the recovery. The information will then be available to the user.

Where to go if something didn't go according to plan

If all the actions described above did not help, turning to professionals will save the difficult situation. Service center Howly will quickly return the lost data and adjust the normal technology operation. They know how to act competently, even at the most complex breakdowns.

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