IPv6 without the Internet access

IPv6 without the Internet access

Updated: January 6, 2023

The error “IPv6 connection without network access”, or “IPv6 connection without access to the Internet” are quite common. You can see this inscription in the “Status” window of your Internet connection. Now we will try to explain what this error with IPv6 in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 means and what you can do.

You’re probably facing this problem because your computer, or laptop, has stopped working on the Internet. Or you are trying to configure it and it is not working. And somewhere in the settings you saw “IPv6 without access to the network (Internet)”. Of course, this inscription is alarming. If there is no internet access, then the Internet can’t work.

What is IPv6

Let’s go through it in order. What is IPv6? It is a new IP protocol which has been supported since Windows 7. It is used by ISPs, but so far not very much. And in most cases, IPv4 is used. And you can already draw some conclusions and come to solutions.

Important: When connecting to the Internet via a router, always use the IPv4 protocol! Also, most ISPs use this old protocol. This means that the inscription “IPv6 without network access” is normal. The Internet should work. If the internet doesn’t work, then the problem is something else. Let’s go into more detail.

If IPv6 is without network access via a router

This is the way it should be. This is not an error. When you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, or via cable through a router, it uses IPv4. See what its status is. And if the Internet does not work, you need to look for the cause in other things: computer settings, router settings, Internet service provider. 

Setting up IPv6 (if your ISP supports this protocol)

If your ISP uses IPv6, you may need to specify the settings manually. In most cases, though, addresses are assigned automatically. The ISP has a DHCP server that distributes unique addresses to subscribers. And if this protocol has no access to the network, or the Internet, then most likely the ISP has some technical problems.

You can restart your computer. If that doesn’t help, you have to call your ISP’s support and explain the problem. Let me remind you that you can do all this only when the Internet is directly connected to your computer. Without a router.

Let me also show you where you can write static IPs and DNS addresses for TCP/IPv6.

  1. Press the Win + R key combination, type the command ncpa.cpl and press Ok.
  2. Next, open the “Ethernet” or “Local Area Connection” connection properties.
  3. Highlight “IP version 6 (TCP/IPv6)“. Click the “Properties” button.
  4. Next, you can write static IP and DNS addresses. The default setting is automatic address acquisition. This is probably the way it should be.

If you need to specify static data, check with your ISP.

How do I use Google’s DNS for IPv6?IPv6 without the Internet access

Replacing the DNS addresses with static Google Public DNS (or other) very often allows you to get rid of the error, and other problems when not open all or some sites in the browser.

For IPv6, these addresses will have a slightly different appearance.

Open the properties of the 6th protocol (as I showed above), check the box next to “Use the following addresses of DNS servers” and write (copy) those addresses:



The DNS is taken care of.


 If you see the inscription “IPv6 without network access”, and you have the Internet connected through a router, it does not work because of this error. Look for another problem. 

It is the same with a direct connection to the Internet. If your ISP does not use IPv6, then the status “No network access” is not an error. If your ISP uses this protocol, the problem is most likely on your ISP’s hardware.

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