How to find out the wear and tear of a video card

Updated: February 15, 2023
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How to find out the wear and tear of a video card
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If you need to find out how worn out your graphics card is, it will be useful to arm yourself with some knowledge. Most often, users try to find out this information after facing some malfunctions. Let's look at everything step-by-step.

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How to diagnose malfunctions

What is the right thing to do if you want to find out the wear and tear? What approach should you take to the loss of video card performance? Among the reasons that provoke breakdown and accelerate wear and tear, it is necessary to allocate the following:

Diagnose malfunctions
  1. Excessive loads, the intensity of which is too high for a particular device.
  2. Severe overheating. Poor operation of the cooling system can destroy the video card and many other components of the gadget.
  3. A manufacturing defect, which removes all responsibility from the user. It is not his fault that this is happening.
  4. The physical impact from the outside, such as falling from height when handling the equipment.
  5. Intrusion of different liquids, especially those containing a large amount of sugar.
  6. Sudden voltage fluctuations in the network that may occur regularly.

When the degree of video card wear becomes critical, you will increasingly notice some malfunctions. Here they are:

  1. Problems with image quality. You can see multiple streaks and serious color reproduction flaws. All this interferes with normal operation.
  2. The picture takes a long time to load.
  3. Blue screen of death. It may appear for no apparent reason or only when you watch some videos or play your favorite games.
  4. You have successfully turned on the device, but you notice that the screen shows no signs of life. However, the blinking lights tell you otherwise.

The worst enemy of normal video card performance is overheating. It can often be caused by ignoring such obligatory preventive procedures as dust cleaning. In this case, dirt accumulates on the surface of the board, the operating temperature of the notebook begins to rise, and then the same happens to the video card.

How to check it?

Special programs allow you to find out the wear and tear of the element. A detailed check takes place, the final results of which are based on the analysis of the cooler's rotation force and the temperature indicators' value near the CPU core. It also clarifies the power consumption level and determines how well the data is transferred between the individual elements of the device.

The check allows you to see the specific temperature of the video card and its correlation with the established norms. Programs to help you with the check:

  • FurMark;
  • GPU Temp;
  • AtiTool;
  • Video Memory Test;
  • AIDA64.

What is the common mechanism of the above programs? It is the following: when an application is launched successfully, there is a certain load on the graphics processor with its gradual increase.

Depending on the test results, you should decide whether you need to contact a trusted service center urgently. If at least one indicator is alarming, call an experienced technician immediately.

Where to find a good craftsman

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