Troubleshooting “Macy's access denied” error: 3 easy ways

Updated: April 04, 2023
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Troubleshooting “Macy's access denied” error: 3 easy ways
by Christine Tomas
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Macy's is one of the oldest stores in the United States. You can find here almost everything for your house. But Macy’s shopping could get tricky. Especially, if you try to browse it from abroad.

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One of the most common errors that you may face in this situation is seeing the “Access to Macy's website is denied” error.  We are here for you to help sort things out. Stick to this guide, and you will be able to shop wherever you may be at the moment!

How to access Macy’s website: possible reasons that prevent you from browsing


The most popular reason why you can’t visit this website is the Internet service provider restriction. The only way to browse Macy’s in those circumstances is by using VPN.

At the same time, VPN could be a reason why Macy's website is not working in your case. But unreliable VPN providers often use corrupted IP addresses. Macy’s website track this IP as potentially dangerous and block access. So you may try to stop VPN or proxy server on your PC.

But if you don’t use those services and still see Macy's website access denied memo, corrupted temporary files in your computer might be a reason for this glitch. Clean the cache and cookies.

Clear cookies and cache in your browser


If you see Macy’s access denied memo, try to clean cookies and cache files. It’s the browser’s temporary files that help to load pages faster.

But if your PC has too many temporary files, it can actually lower your browser's working speed. A corrupted cache can even prevent you from visiting some sites. Thus, it is crucial to clean it from time to time.

If you see the “Macy’s access denied” in Chrome, stick to this instruction:

  1. Open the browser and click on the More button. It’s the stacked three dots at the upper right part of the window.
  2. Choose More Tools Clear browsing.
  3. Select Cookies and Cache.
  4. Click on the Clear Data button.

If you are using Safari browser, stick to this guide:

  1. Open the browser and click on the Safari tab
  2. Choose Preferences Advanced Show Develop menu.
  3. You’ll see the Develop menu at the upper part of the screen. Click on the Develop tab.
  4. Find Empty Caches in the drop-down menu.

If you use Opera, here is your guide:

  1. Open the browser and click on the hamburger button.
  2. Select Go to full browser settingsDelete history.
  3. Mark Cookies and Cache and click on the Delete virtual button.

If Macy's website doesn't work, look for a proxy server and VPN settings. They may be a reason why Macy's website doesn't work on your PC.

Disable the proxy server for your local network


It’s a simple yet effective solution. Just follow our detailed instructions below to fix not working macys website:

banner 3
  1. Press Win + R to call the Run app. Enter "inetcpl.cpl".
  2. Click the LAN option on the Connections tab.
  3. Check Setups are automatically detected and unchecked. Select OK to use a proxy server for your LAN.
  4. Tap the OK button.

Turn on/off the VPN


If you are still wondering, “why does Macy's website not working?”,  try to shut down the VPN. It’s the tool that redirects you to another IP address, despite you physically staying in the same place. And if a service uses corrupted IP, the Macy’s website will prevent you from browsing.

That's why you don't have permission to access the requested URL on this server. Check that you are using a VPN app and turn it off. Also, you can check the settings on your PC. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Click on the Windows logo.
  2. Find the icon with a gear. Click on it to open Settings.
  3. Follow this path: Network & InternetVPN.
  4. If you have an active VPN connection, you’ll see the toggle. Switch it off.

But on the other hand, a VPN app can help you access Macy’s if you are browsing from abroad. VPN could trick the system, showing that you are in another, more acceptable location. Stick to this guide on your device:

  1. Open any search engine and type “VPN”.
  2. You’ll see websites that could provide you with VPN services. Go to any of them and download an app or extension to redirect traffic.

Click on the Start button to launch the VPN.

Final thoughts

It’s uncomfortable to not have a chance to shop in your favorite store. You can witness dozens of threads with the “Why can’t I access Macy’s website?” question. Usually, this situation happens because of one of 3 main reasons:

  • IPS has blocked this website in this region,
  • VPN/proxy provider gives you a corrupted IP address,
  • PC has corrupted cache/cookies files.

Gladly, all those issues are easily fixable. If you see “Macy's access denied” on Chrome or any other browser, delete the cache and cookies. Check proxy and VPN settings. If they are currently working, it may be a reason for the “reference 18 access denied” memo. Turn them off and check again.

If you try to visit Macy’s from abroad, your ISP may block this site. In this case, download a trusted VPN. It should help you to get rid of “Access Denied” on Macy's website.

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Helpful article. I comment to help these guidelines to promote! Maybe it helps somebody the same way as it helps me
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Oh, thanks for the comment, bro!
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Go to the settings, and find the browser that you are currently using. tap on it. tap on “Clear History and data”. That’s it. but beware that it clears all browser history. you will need to log in again to the sites that you are visiting.
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How can I clean the cache on my iPhone?
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It works! hurray! thx 😌
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Maybe this country doesn’t let you in. It sometimes happens in eastern Europe. Try to turn on the VPN, find some US or UK addresses there and try to visit Macy’s again
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I’m in Europe, without VPN and cookies and I still can’t visit the website. but why?
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great and short article without unnecessary words. as i like. thanks
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Double-check the VPN settings of your device. Maybe someone has installed a custom VPN in your PC right from there.
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I turn down the VPN app, but the Speedtest still “tells” me that I visit sites from another country. What can I do?
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Thank you Howly team!
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Huge shoutout to those, who write it! It helps!
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Thanks for guides
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I want to buy clothes for my grandkid, but the site doesn’t let me in. It was corrupted cookies. I delete them and everything works now. I even can browse Facebook faster
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Huge hug! thanks 🤩
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Thank you! As turns out, my ex-boyfriend turned on proxy on all my devices (just to keep data safe, like Tim from above’s comments). I turn off the proxy and now it’s worked!
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Thank you! I was in one of the Middle Asian countries for vacation and have been wondering why I can’t even open the website. But I turned on the VPN, as you said, and everything worked perfectly. Now I’m home with my new purchases
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Thank you for such a helpful guide!
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I usually use a VPN (just to keep my data safe). But I tried to visit Macy’s to order my wife a secret present, and I just can’t enter the site. But with your recommendations…. Guys, I adore you!
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Everything works now. Thanks

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