Inaccessible message in Messenger app

What does “This message is unavailable on this app” for the Messenger phone app mean, and how to fix it?

Updated: October 7, 2022

Messenger is a popular app, but it’s not prone to issues and bugs. Fortunately, you can fix many of them yourself. So let’s figure out what to do if you face the “This message is unavailable on this app” error while chatting with your Facebook friends.  

Such an alert means that the user to whom you sent a text or voice message cannot read it or listen to it. Let’s explore the most popular reasons why this error occurs and solutions to them.

Reason 1. The user blocked you

Unfortunately, sometimes people do not want to communicate with us and simply close the opportunity to text them via the Messenger app. There is nothing you can do about it. Only the owner of the profile can remove the block. Therefore, the only way to help yourself if you really need to contact a person but see the “This message is unavailable on this app” error is to call or write to them in other applications – for example, in WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, etc.

Reason 2. The user deleted their account or was blocked by Facebook 

Another reason for the message “This message is unavailable on this app” is that the owner of the account you’re trying to connect to deleted their profile or was blocked by Facebook administrators. Perhaps the user was tired of chatting in Messenger and deleted the app or posted something that violated Facebook rules. 

Reason 3. Closed profile

If the user closed their profile, i.e., restricted access in the settings, and you are not listed as their friend, you will also see the alert “This message is unavailable on this app”. Fortunately, you can quickly deal with this. Just add this user as a friend. Once this person confirms your request, you can start exchanging messages with them.

Closed profile

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may face the “This message is unavailable” error in Messenger. But the reason is not always the failure of the application. So if you encounter this, try contacting the user in another way. If you see a lot of such messages, try to clean the cache in your app’s settings and contact Facebook support.


How can I contact a person if the Messenger app does not allow me to send a message?

Try another app or just call the person. They may have restricted access to their Facebook page.

Can I find out who deleted or blocked me in the Messenger app?

Unfortunately not. This function is not provided for Facebook users yet. 

Can I somehow unblock myself if someone has blocked me on the Messenger app?

No, only the owner of the profile can do this.

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