What can I do if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?

Updated: March 30, 2023
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What can I do if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?
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Online resources for learning foreign languages are growing in popularity in recent times. And Duolingo is one of them. The platform has won the hearts of millions with an interesting, fun, and, most importantly, effective approach to learning. Although you can use the service for free and without registration, many people still create an account to get access to all the amazing features of the platform. However, some users run into trouble and complain that their Duolingo accounts were hacked. If you’re one of those “lucky” ones, Howly is here to help you. Keep cool! We’ll show you a sure way to perform the Duolingo password reset easily and access your account!

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How to recover access to Duolingo if it looks as if your account was hacked

So you've been using your profile for a long time but suddenly realize you can't sign into Duolingo? The problem is far from new and has long been of concern to those who use the platform on a regular basis. Perhaps your Duolingo account was hacked, or you just forgot your password – whatever happens, you can easily restore access.

What can I do if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?

The following instructions on how to change the Duolingo password will make the process quick and smooth:

  1. Go to https://www.duolingo.com/.
  2. Click on the Login button and choose the Forgot? option to reset the Duolingo password.
  3. Make sure to enter the email you used to create your account.
  4. The Duolingo team will send a link for password recovery to your email address, open it and follow the instructions.
  5. If you fail to get the message, look into your spam folder and then mark the Duolingo site as a reliable contact.

Keep in mind that if you’ve registered via Facebook or Google, you’ll get the link for Duolingo account recovery to the email you use to access your profile on Facebook or Google.

If you’ve used an invalid email address to sign up, you’ll encounter problems changing your password in case your Duolingo account was hacked. The only way out is to create a new profile with a valid email or via social networks.

What can I do if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?

What to do when nothing helps?

The above-mentioned instructions give little result, and you are still wondering, "How can I recover the password if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?" It's time to contact customer support! To do this, you need to submit a bug report to the Duolingo team.

What can I do if it looks as if my Duolingo account was hacked?

Fill in all the required fields to report your hacked Duolingo account to support. And be sure to select the I Cannot Access My Account option in the drop-down menu. Once you submit the report, their support representative will contact you and provide all the valuable information on how to fix your hacked Duolingo profile.


Is my personal information at risk if my Duolingo account has been hacked?

As with any other online service, the Duolingo hack is fraught with risk to your personal information. Indeed, hackers typically crack accounts to steal user data and use it for malicious purposes.

How can I protect my Duolingo account from being hacked in the future?

First of all, pay attention to the data you use to sign in to your account and reset the Duolingo password if it is too weak. What's more, keep your login details private and never leave your phone or laptop unattended while using Duolingo.

How can I tell if my Duolingo account has been hacked?

The most obvious sign of a hacker attack is the inability to log into your account. Unexpected Duolingo crashing or strange behavior can also indicate that hackers have gained access to your account.

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I've been a Duolingo user for a while now, and I must say I'm impressed with their security measures
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I love Duolingo's easy-to-use interface 😍
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As someone who's always on the go, I appreciate how easy it is to use Duolingo
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Duolingo's security features are impressive, but I hope I never have to use them.
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The fact that Duolingo offers multi-factor authentication is a game-changer
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I don't use Duolingo frequently
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Duolingo is amazing at protecting our data👏
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I appreciate Duolingo's prompt response to my report. 🚨
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Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! 🙏
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I haven't experienced any issues with my Duolingo account
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Duolingo's gamification of language-learning is brilliant
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I didn't know this can be hacked haha

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