I would like to cancel the subscription to Tudum.co. How can I do that?

Updated: May 09, 2023
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I would like to cancel the subscription to Tudum.co. How can I do that?
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Tudum.co is a website that offers its subscribers “limitless entertainment”. When going to this website, users are asked to enter an email, phone number, and bank card number. The website allegedly provides unlimited games, books, movies, and sports programs. However, some subscribers of Tudum.co services have reported that the site is a scam and is actually just collecting their data. So they are wondering how to cancel a subscription to Tudum.co.

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Cancel subscription to Tudum.co via email

cancel the subscription to Tudum.co

If you registered with Tudum through the website, you could try filling out their UNKNOWN TAG — ins. To cancel Tudum membership, you need to:

  1. Enter your name;
  2. Specify the date of your application;
  3. Specify the subscription type in the section;
  4. Ask to end the subscription immediately.

In the “Your Subscription” section, you can see the status of your membership. Remember that if you have a free trial period, then you will automatically connect to the paid version, which you will pay with your bank card. You give confirmation for the prolongation of the subscription when purchasing the free version. You can find all the details about the subscription on the pages "Questions and answers", "Help", and "Subscription rules".

Use the phone to unsubscribe from this service

cancel the subscription to Tudum.co

If you aren’t answered through the contact form, you should contact the customer support department by phone number +1 888 920 8550.

To convince employees of the company to cancel your subscription, you need to study consumer rights and use this information confidently when talking. Provide the transaction number from your bank card for confirmation. As a result, your subscription should be canceled.

Block your card if you’ve never visited Tudum.co

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If you think that scammers stole your card data and signed up for this service or the company's support doesn’t respond to you, it is better to block the card. You can do this online or by calling your bank. Close the card as soon as possible after the transaction from Tudum.co arrives. This will help you save money and help to cancel your subscription.


I found out that the company that takes the money is a scam. What do I need to do to stop debiting money?

If the company turns out to be a scam, the only way out is to block your bank card. The company may use your card for any other fraudulent activities against you.

I didn’t subscribe to Tudum.co, but the company is charging the amount. What should I do?

Tudum is a company that collects the services of many companies on one website. In terms of the company, when buying any service through Tudum.co, you may not notice the conditions that are written in small print. It may say that when you buy something through Tudum.co, you automatically subscribe to it.

I managed to cancel my subscription during the free version, but the company continued to charge money. What should I do?

The best option is to block your bank card. In addition, you have the right to complain about the company to the consumer protection center or contact the bank with a request to return the money, providing the necessary evidence.

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it's always a good idea to double-check lol
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Will cancelling my Tudum Co subscription result in any additional fees or charges?
Logan Martinez
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I wish this article had provided more information
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Unfortunately, you have to log into your account in order to cancel your Tudum Co subscription.
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Is there a way to cancel a Tudum Co subscription without logging into the account?

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