Cancellation of an AdTranquility account

I want to cancel my account with AdTranquility – how can I do that?

Updated: September 26, 2022

It’s not that complicated to cancel an account with the AdTranquility company. You can do it in a matter of minutes at any convenient time. However, the process of unsubscribing depends on how you signed up. Thus, if you registered an account on the AdTranquility website, you can cancel it there. And if you subscribed via your account from Apple ID or Google, you will need your phone to unsubscribe.

Many applications complicate the process of membership cancellation, hoping that the user will encounter an error and feel so confused and discouraged that they will give up on the idea of unsubscribing. But still, there is a way to cancel the AdTranquility account. And Howly experts prepared 3 options on how to do it quickly.

Cancel the AdTranquility account on the website

Use this method if you’ve registered an AdTranquility account through the website:

  1. Open the preferred web browser and go to
  2. Access your account by entering your personal information.
  3. Click “Cancel Subscription” in the upper right part of the screen.
  4. Type in your email address (that you used to purchase the membership) in the Cancel & Refund form and confirm the cancellation.

If you can’t find the “Unsubscribe” option, it means that you registered your account in another way. So, move on to the next solutions.

Cancel the AdTranquility account on the website

Cancel the AdTranquility account on Android devices

If you subscribed to AdTranquility through the Android application with your Google account, visit the Play Store to cancel your membership.

  1. Go to the Play Store app and click on your profile icon to the right of the search bar.
  2. Open the “Payments & Subscriptions” section and click on the “Subscriptions” tab.
  3. Find Adtranquility, select the “Cancel Subscription” option, and confirm your choice.

Cancel the AdTranquility account  on iPhone

If you’ve created an AdTranquility account on your iPhone using the Apple ID, you can unsubscribe through the Apple ID menu.

  1. Enter the Settings using your iPhone or iPad, and then enter your name.
  2. Go to the “Subscriptions” section.
  3. Find AdTranquility and tap on “Cancel Subscription“. Then confirm your choice.

If none of these methods works, and you still have some challenging issues, reach out to the company’s customer service stating, “I want to cancel my account with AdTranquility.” 

Cancel AdTranquility subscription

They will inform you about the cancellation policy and provide you with clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from the AdTranquility membership.

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