How to change Schlage code — simple and handy instruction

Updated: April 28, 2023
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How to change Schlage code — simple and handy instruction
by Dmytro Sywyi
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If you use the Schlage lock to secure your home or office, then changing code on Schlage lock instructions is essential. The Howly team will tell you how to do it quickly and easily in just a few minutes.

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How do I change my 4-digit Schlage lock code?

If you decide that you need to Schlage door code change, you can do it very simply. The whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes and 4 simple steps. Each step is described here in detail so that you can do the necessary task quickly and without errors.

  1. First, you need to find the Basic Code. This is the standard factory code and is considered basic. It has 6 characters and is not there to unlock or lock the doors but to change the settings. Therefore, to change code on Schlage door lock, you must first enter the Basic Code. This can be found in the documents that you received when purchasing the door. Another option where you can find this basic code is on the back of the device.
  2. Once you have found the Basic Code, you must enter all six digits and then press the main button. Now press 1, and you will hear a few beeps and see red blinks.
  3. Let's move on to the next step. To change the Schlage lock code, you need to type on the keyboard the 4 digits you want to use as the new code. It is important that this code must be original and brand new. You should not use codes that you have already used before.
  4. We come to the final action. After you have entered the new 4-digit code, you need to confirm the action. Enter the selected code a second time, thereby confirming your choice. After this, you will see a green light, which means that the change Schlage code operation was completed successfully and that you have done everything correctly.
How to change Schlage code

Reprogramming a Schlage lock — how to remove a code

There are times when you may need to remove existing code. For example, you have left a lock code for a guest, but you no longer want the guest to be able to use it. Or the code is no longer relevant, and you want to delete it. You can do this very easily, using this plan of action:

  1. To begin, as in the previous tab (Schlage change code), you must enter the Basic Code, which can be found in the documents you received when you purchased the lock or on the back of the lock.
  2. After entering, press the Main Button and wait for a red flash. Press Button two on the keypad and wait for a few red flashes.
  3. Now enter the code you want to get rid of. It is important to enter the correct code, wait 5 seconds and then enter it again to confirm the action.
  4. Wait for the green flash, which will indicate that you have done everything correctly. To be sure that the code has been deleted, you can try entering it on the lock. If it doesn't work, then everything has been done great.
How to change Schlage code

How to program Schlage lock and delete all users' codes

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There are cases when it is necessary to delete all codes. This can be done in one click, and then already change Schlage door code. Here are simple and easy instructions for this:

  1. Enter the base code (you can find out where it is in the tabs above). Wait for the red flashes.
  2. Press the number 6 and then enter the base lock code again. A green flash will let you know that you have done everything correctly. Now you can reset the lock code.
How to change Schlage code


What if I change the Basic Code and can't remember it?

To change the 4 digit code on Schlage lock, you need to know the Basic code. If you have changed it once and can't remember, then you need to do a complete reset. After that, the Basic code will be the standard code from the manufacturer.

Do I need to change door code Schlage regularly?

For safety reasons, we recommend that you regularly change the door code Schlage. It is optimal to change it every 12 months, but if necessary it should be done more often.

Why do I have to change the code on a Schlage lock?

The reasons why the owner will need to change the lock code can be different. For example, the old code may have fallen into the wrong hands and for security purposes, it is worth replacing it. It is also worth changing the code regularly to increase the level of security.


To keep your home safe, you need to know how to change the code on Schlage lock. That's how you can be sure that the security code is unique and inaccessible to strangers. Save this article so that you always have simple instructions at your fingertips.

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