How to Change Hamachi to Home Network, Windows 10: 5-Minute Instruction

Updated: October 7, 2022

This guide will help you to change Hamachi to a home network on your Windows 10 in less than 5 minutes. Hamachi service is popular in the freelancer community because it allows people to access files and make different operations on other devices remotely. But what to do if you no longer need this? Follow our instructions and bring back privacy to your PC!

How do I change the Hamachi network from public to home on Windows 10?

The first thing that you need to do is change the name that displays in the server and client pull-down menu. Also, set “-client” and “-server” to the names of computers. It will help you to sort them out in the future. Once you finish installing process, follow the steps to set or change the Hamachi network on Windows 10. Go to the SettingsNetwork connections Hamachi and uncheck it.

Repeat these steps for every device that is in your Hamachi network. Check that you host the network adapter with a value of 9000 or higher. Right after the first connection, the system should change the type of network to the “home.” It means that only trusted devices can enter this network. If it’s set public, Hitachi won’t work.

If your PC is connected to the network with wire, you can easily change the Hamachi to a home network on Windows 10 by following this path: Settings Network & InternetNetwork. Find the Ethernet Properties and choose Network Category as Private.

How to set up or change a Hamachi network on your Windows PC

How to set up Hamachi

A good guide makes the setup process achievable even to the novice. Here is what you should do to change Hamachi to the home network:

  1. Install the app on other machines.
  2. Go to the Settings Network Network & Sharing Set up a new connection.
  3. Type in Himachi’s network name and password. Set it as a priority for the hardware.

Install Hamachi on other computers you want to connect to this network. The program could ask you to log in with your LogMeIn account. Don’t worry if you don’t have it. You can use the Hamachi client to join the home network on Windows.

After this, you can work with the devices that are in this network. If you want to add another device, use the IP that the Himachi app gives to you.

How do I get rid of a gateway on Hamachi?

Just uninstall the Hamachi adapter as a hardware option. So there will be nothing to connect. You can do this quickly with this instruction:

  1. Open Device Manager → Network Adapters.
  2. Choose  Hamachi and select Uninstall.
  3. Stick to the wizard’s instructions.

If this didn’t help, delete Hamachi keys in the system’s registry. It should help to change Hamachi’s network status on the Windows 10 computer. After this, you could work as you used to.

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