How to update Nvidia drivers

How to update Nvidia drivers

Updated: March 10, 2023

Nvidia is constantly improving its GPU software to make your user experience even more comfortable. But sometimes you can’t update Nvidia drivers on auto-mode. There are a few reasons for it: maybe you turn off auto-load, or some glitches prevent this process. In this article, we will show three ways to update Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows devices.

How to update Nvidia drivers: 3 easy ways

You have three methods to get up-to-date software for your GPU. You can manually download and install it from the Nvidia site. You can load a GeForce to update the driver: with this app, you can adjust GPU settings and set automatic updates. Those are two ways for Windows computers.

But what to do if you have the Ubuntu system? You can still use the Nvidia website or update GPU drivers with the built-in Additional Drivers app. macOS systems don’t work with Nvidia, so there is no way to load GPU software on iMac or MacBook.

Manually updatingHow to update Nvidia drivers

It’s the simplest way to maintain the fresh Nvidia GPU driver. Use this easy instruction:

  1. Open the Nvidia and visit the Drivers tab.
  2. The system automatically detects your GPU, operating system, and language. If it’s not, select the correct values.
  3. Click on the Search virtual button.
  4. A moment later you’ll see the driver for your computer. Click on Download.
  5. Confirm your choice by clicking on Download virtual button again.
  6. Launch the  .exe file and follow the wizard’s instructions.

If you want to save time researching Nvidia graphics card updates, use their official app. It detects PC adjustments. So if you decide to change the GPU for a more recent option, the app will track it and offer you to get new software for it.

Using the GeForce Experience

It’s an Nvidia official app that allows you to change the GPU settings. You can also set Nvidia graphics card updates, so you don’t need to check this app in the future. Here is how you can install GPU software: 

  1. Run the GeForce Experience.
  2. Visit the Drivers tab.
  3. If you have missing downloads, you’ll see them in the Available group.
  4. Once the app downloads the driver, you should install it. You have two ways: express and custom. Choose the first one.
  5. Follow the instructions from the wizard.
  6. Restart the device.

You can set auto-updates for your GPU on this app. Open the Settings tab, and visit the General menu. Find the Downloads folder and check Auto-download. The application will automatically download the latest GPU software and notify you.

Updating Ubuntu drivers

You can still update the NVidia graphics driver if you have the Ubuntu system. It will take more time, approximately 3-5 minutes. Here is your instruction:

  1. Go to the search panel (Dash) and type Drivers. Select Additional Drivers.
  2. Wait for 30-40 seconds until the system load list of available drivers for you.
  3. Choose the latest possible Nvidia driver. Don’t mistake it for Nouveau. For some reason, Ubuntu loads it on search, despite it isn’t suitable with Nvidia hardware.
  4. Restart the PC to update GPU drivers on the Ubuntu computer.


How do I update my Nvidia drivers without any app?

Go to the Nvidia site and open the Drivers tab. The system will automatically detect your configuration and pick up the suitable driver. Download and manually launch it.

How to update my Nvidia drivers with tools?

Open the GeForce Experience application and visit the Drivers tab. Find the available download and click Install. Wait for 3-5 minutes until your computer installs it. Restart the PC.

Final thoughts

You have three ways to get fresh software for your Nvidia GPU. The most accessible one is to use the Nvidia website. It has drivers both for Windows and Ubuntu. Run the installation wizard manually to launch new updates

Windows users can run a GeForce Experience tool which allows them to adjust and automate the installation process. Ubuntu users should launch a built-in Additional Drivers application.

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