How to replace laptop screen

Updated: March 05, 2023
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How to replace laptop screen
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There are many reasons why your laptop display may break. For example, you, your children or pets may accidentally drop or crush it. Keep in mind that the replacement of a broken laptop screen is possible if the rest of the computer is intact. This article will tell you how to fix a broken laptop screen.

Before we start

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However, fixing a computer screen on your own is not always possible. To avoid aggravating the equipment's condition, we advise you to evaluate the problem objectively. If the display is significantly damaged, contact the repair service. If you have experience in replacing the display on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, you can use our step-by-step instructions.

Regardless of the model of your laptop, the principles of repair are almost the same. Try to follow them carefully, and then you can quickly fix a broken laptop screen.

Before you start: make sure you have all the necessary tools

To fix a broken laptop screen, you will need a few tools. Please note that the laptop screen and screws need to be selected individually. Other tools may differ from those we list.

  • First of all, it's a new display. To purchase it, you need to know the laptop model. Choosing it, you also should check if the new screen fits the laptop's video cable.
  • Then find a flat, stable surface comfortable enough to repair the computer screen.
  • Buy a magnetic screwdriver (we recommend choosing Philips) if you don’t have it. A magnetic screwdriver is needed to remove the screws from the display more quickly. Note that if you are repairing a MacBook, you will most likely need more miniature screwdrivers.
  • Find an item to remove the broken display. It can be a spatula or similar tool.
  • Choose any thin object that can easily detach the front bezel from the computer. For example, you can use an old credit card that is already expired.
  • Also, you may need a pin to remove the device's front panel.
  • Prepare a box for screen screws.
  • And find an adhesive tape to secure the new display.

A few words about our step-by-step guide

Fix laptop screen bezel

Remember that you can always contact the service center to fix the laptop screen frame. If you want to do it yourself, check the availability of all the above tools and follow the instructions step by step. Then, in your device's settings, find its model and buy a screen that fits your laptop. If you're having trouble, ask the sales assistant to help. For example, if your laptop model is HP ENVY X360, then the name of the screen should be identical.

Follow all steps carefully and check if your tools are suitable. On the Internet, you can find instructions on how to fix a laptop screen cover specifically for your laptop model. We will share universal ones.

Remove the screen panel

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Carefully remove the old display. To do this, take a thin spatula and detach it from the laptop's base. You will hear a click as the screen is being captured. This will signify that the screen has come loose from the plastic tabs that held your display. Repairing a computer screen may seem quite difficult at this point, as it takes a lot of effort to remove it successfully. Depending on the model type, the smoothness of detaching the screen may be different. Try not to put pressure on the rest of the laptop so as not to damage it. Removing the old display will be your main task in fixing a laptop screen. Before doing this, you should remove the stickers under which the screws are located.

Remove the stickers and screws carefully

The stickers that cover the screws are located at the bottom on both sides of the display. Find them and take them off. For the new screen, you will need other stickers. Use a magnetic screwdriver to remove screws. The screws may be tight or loose, so be patient. Turn the screwdriver a few times and remove the screws that hold the display. Put them in a certain container and reuse them to replace the screen for a laptop. If the screws are lost, ask the seller to help you find new ones.

Depending on your laptop type, there may be rubber stickers instead of regular paper stickers. Pull them out with a sharp object such as a knife or needle. Also, put them aside as they will come in handy later. Do not lose computer parts. Otherwise, it will complicate broken laptop screen repair.

Disconnect power sources

Disconnecting the power supply

Before you change a laptop screen, make sure you disconnect power sources from the laptop. Also, remove the battery. To remove it, you need to open the back of the laptop. Then, place the battery in a dry, clean place. Once repaired, you will need to put it back in. In short, laptop screen repair can only be carried out with a complete blackout of the equipment.

On the MacBook, you also need to disconnect the antenna cables. To do this, remove the iron cover of the laptop and the hinges. After that, pull out all the antennas.

Remove the cable connectors

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Also, it’s necessary to remove all power connectors. You should do this not only to de-energize the laptop but also to make repairing your laptop screen more convenient. Please note that not only the charger can be a cable connector. Therefore, it is essential to disconnect all cables.

Remove the damaged LCD panel

Checking the new LCD panel

If the laptop screen is cracked internally, you definitely need to change it. To do this, you need to remove the old screen. In front of the laptop display, you can find a frame into which it is inserted. Your task is to take it off. But do it with care because then you will need to insert a new screen into it. You can remove the frame with your fingers, a spatula, or another thin object. The bottom line is to separate the display from the frame by inserting it into a slot in a thin object. Gently separate the screen from the frame so as not to injure yourself with fragments. If the display does not come off, then you have not unscrewed all the screws.

Before you replace the laptop screen, you will need to remove the LCD. The easiest way is to start separating it from the metal frame on the left and right sides by unscrewing the side screws. Lay the LCD face down on the laptop keyboard. Keep it away from dust and dirt. Behind the LCD, you will see one or more wires. This is a video cable, which you need to unplug. To do this, move it away from the frame with a flat object. The video cable can be attached with adhesive tape or glue. Try to carefully remove it to avoid damaging it. Put the video cable in a safe place. Replacing LCD is a complex and fragile process that may take some time.

Insert the screen into the metal frame of the laptop

Connect the new LCD. Check if it fits perfectly with your laptop frame. Press it evenly on all sides. Sometimes the frame is connected from several parts with screws. By connecting them back, you fix the laptop screen frame simultaneously.

After this step, attach the video cable to the same place where it was before. Do this with glue or duct tape. The video cable must fit snugly against the display.

So… Can a laptop screen be replaced after doing this yourself? The answer is short enough - maybe if you put the LCD and wire in correctly.

It's time to put on a new screen. Cracked laptop screen repair is impossible without a new display that fits your laptop. So take and screw in the front screen using the screws you removed earlier. Check to see if it's loose. Make sure all screws are tight. The new screen should snap into place tightly when pressed. Next, examine the new screen - there should be no space between it and the LCD. Place stickers on top of the laptop frame to hide the screws. It would be great if their color matches the color of the frame. Keep in mind that fixing a broken laptop screen is possible only if you observe all the conditions described.

Connect the cables to the new screen

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For laptop operation after the cracked computer screen repair, you can start your computer. To do this, insert the battery and connect your laptop to the power system. Also, inspect the cables you connect to your computer. They must be intact, without creases at the plug.

Check the new LCD panel

We recommend you analyze the operation of the computer. Carefully inspect the display and evaluate the clarity of the image. If the computer does not work, check that you have connected the cables correctly.

If the computer is working, but there is no image on the screen, contact the repair service. As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, to replace a laptop screen, you need to have a basic understanding of how the technique works. Otherwise, you may make a mistake.


How long does it take to replace a laptop screen?

Screen replacement is easier than you might think. We’ve provided you with straightforward instructions on how to install a new LCD, so you’ll hardly face any problems. The average repair time is 1-2 hours, depending on your skills.

How much does a laptop screen replacement cost?

Screen replacement in the service center will cost you a pretty penny. Technicians usually charge $200 - $400 for their labor. And the price of the display varies depending on the brand of your laptop. But if you buy and install the LCD yourself, it’ll cost you less than $200.

When does an LCD require replacement?

There are many reasons for an LCD to be replaced. The most obvious is a black screen that doesn’t react to any of your actions. Other reasons include mechanical damage, dead pixels, cracks, and dents.

Final words

In this guide, we explained how to change laptop screens.

First, pay attention to your display: if it does not have cracks, then the problem is a stuck pixel. To fix it, you just need to install other software or change the motherboard or hardware.Can a broken laptop screen be fixed, especially if the screen is streaked with cracks? Maybe, since you are replacing not only the screen but also the LCD.

Broken computer screen repair can be too difficult. If you are afraid to do something wrong, we advise contacting the repair center. The price policy for repairing laptop screens varies. It depends on where you live and your laptop model. However, you can replace the screen for a laptop by following these steps: select the new display, remove the screws from the old screen, remove the video cable, insert the new LCD, re-insert the cable and place the new screen.

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