How to delete a Tinder account?

Updated: September 07, 2023
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How to delete a Tinder account?
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Have you found the beloved one? Do you want to put on a pause Tinder account? Pause the account for a certain time to relax from communicating.

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Before we start

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How to delete a Tinder profile? It is not enough to delete an app. When you delete an app, the profile remains on the website with all personal information. If you want to delete the profile, you have to complete certain steps on the platform and only after that delete the app itself.

Some users find it easy to delete their Tinder profile, while for others this process is overwhelmed with obstacles and problems. With that in mind, the review below is dedicated to helping people delete Tinder profiles in a fast way.

Can you delete Tinder account on Android or iOS?

The Tinder application is the most popular way of platform usage. The app allows you to stay on the website, chat and respond to new messages in a few clicks. With that in mind, many users have not even tried to use Tinder from their computers.

With the application, you can make all actions, which are available from the computer version as well. How to delete Tinder account Android? To deactivate your Tinder account you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Launch a Tinder app and select your profile on the top right of the page.
  2. Choose Settings and scroll the page down.
  3. Select Delete account and click the button Deactivate account or Delete my account.
  4. Indicate the reasons why you are leaving the platform.
  5. Make a choice between deleting the account or hiding it for a certain period of time.

Congratulations! You have deleted your account. Stay attentive to the possibility to disable the Tinder account for a certain period of time. This option is effective as If you want to renew the website usage, you can activate the profile, which is already filled with your personal information and photos.

Without App

How do I delete Tinder account without an application? Use the computer to make it. This is a great alternative when you are not able to use the mobile phone or log in to the app on the device.

To complete Tinder delete account procedure from the computer version of the platform, follow the next steps

  1. Open the Tinder, login, and open Profile.
  2. Opt for Settings and then click Delete my account.

The procedure of deleting Tinder profile from the computer is faster and easier. A lot of users especially use such desktop versions only for serious actions like deactivating profiles or making significant setting changes there.

How to delete Tinder profile from Facebook?


This instruction is helpful for those, whose Facebook accounts are related to Tinder. This option is enough easy and fast, as you can get in touch with Facebook followers on Tinder and begin commuting there. The function allows people to get to know who is interested in the relationships and stays single.

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How to deactivate Tinder profile from Facebook? To make it, you have to enter the Facebook page and take the next steps:

  1. Open Facebook and click on your Profile.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Security section, then icon Apps and websites.
  3. Select the Tinder app to remove it.
  4. Tap Remove to confirm the action.

After this action, the Tinder profile will be removed from Facebook.

How long does your account stay active after you delete it?

In case you have deleted only an app, but not the profile, your account will remain visible to the other users from the website. The Tinder platform works based on the principle, under which the frequency of your activity designates how often your profile will appear in the search.

If you are not using the website for 7 days, it will disappear from the list of active profiles.

On the other way, when you have deleted not only an app but also the profile, it will immediately disappear from the list of profiles and you should not wait for it.


Can you recover your deleted Tinder profile?

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Whether you deleted the Tinder profile, it cannot be renewed later. Dues to this fact, you have to consider whether the profile should be deleted forever or just deactivated for a certain period of time. Tinder's website gives such an option and makes it comfortable for the users.

After deactivating the profile, you will be able to return to the previous account when you want. All the matches will be saved too. After deleting the account, you cannot turn back to the previous information and should create the new one to start the Tinder activity again.



How to delete your Tinder account?

You can make it via the application or computer software. Follow the steps described above in the review and the account will be deleted.

How long does it take to deactivate a Tinder profile?

The speed depends on the quality of your Internet connection and your device. In general, it takes up to 5 minutes. In case of any additional login questions, it can be longer.

Who can delete my Tinder account?

Everyone, who can sign up using your profile name and password can complete the procedure of account deleting. Keep in mind the privacy of your profile information in that case.


To conclude, the process of account deactivation is fast and easy. Everyone can delete or put on pause the profile, using an app or computer version. When you cannot understand some nuances just contact the supportive Howly professionals, who can resolve the question in a short period of time.

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