How to create an iCloud account

Updated: March 24, 2023
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How to create an iCloud account
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iCloud is a free cloud-based service designed to store and sync user data on Apple devices. Thus, it keeps your phone backups, remembers your system settings, downloads, purchases, and subscriptions, syncs media files (everything from videos and photos to audio), and much more. Since iCloud is fully integrated with the Apple ecosystem, you can’t enjoy all the functionality of your device without an account. What’s more, the service allows you to create multiple profiles for your iPhone. So, how to make a new iCloud account? Our guide outlines the easiest steps for any device, including Apple phone, iPod, iPad, Mac, and PC.

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How to make an iCloud account on your iPad, iPod, and iPhone

It’s impossible to access iCloud if you don’t have an Apple ID. And the below-listed instructions will let you create an Apple ID login with no hassle. Therefore, the most convenient and quick option is to:

  • Open Settings on any of your Apple devices.
  • Hit Sign in to your iPhone (if you don’t see this option, log out of your active Apple ID).
  • Hit the link saying Don't have an Apple ID.
  • Spot the option to Create your new Apple ID and hit it.
How to create an iCloud account
  • Type in your name and hit Next.
  • Provide your email address or come up with a new one.
  • Create your new password and hit Next.
  • Indicate your phone number and then tap on Continue.
How to create an iCloud account
  • Verify your number.
  • Read the terms and pick Agree.
  • Finally, indicate your phone passcode to end the process.

How to create a new iCloud account on web

If the previous method doesn’t work, the Apple ID website is your way to go. What’s more, this option is good for any device, so you can follow the presented algorithm to create an Apple ID account not just with your phone or iPad but also with a PC or Mac.

How to create an iCloud account
  • Fill in all the fields with your details.
How to create an iCloud account
  • Once you get to the bottom of the page, check the boxes to receive your preferred Apple Updates and tap Continue.
  • Verify your number and email, and you’re done!
How to create an iCloud account
  • Now, you can use this newly-made Apple ID login to access your account in iCloud, iTunes, and any other Apple services.


How do I create an iCloud account via my Mac using iTunes?

The process is stress-free and truly fast. Access the Apple menu -> Head to System Preferences -> hit Sign in and pick the button to Create Apple ID. Then follow and complete the on-screen prompts, and you’ll create an account in a few minutes.

Can I add another iCloud email to my Apple ID on my iPhone?

Get into the iPhone’s Settings and pick your account name. Find iCloud, open it, and enable the Mail option. After that, follow the outlined steps to get another email address for your already existing account in iCloud.

Is it possible to create an Apple account without a phone number?

The service requires you to enter your phone number to make an account in iCloud. This is needed for identity verification. Thus, there’s no way to complete the process without providing your number.


Now you know how to make and set up a new iCloud account. Thus, you’ll be able to store, manage, and sync your data across Apple devices conveniently. Luckily, the process is easy, and following these guidelines should be quite simple. But if you have any trouble or seek other ways to sign up for iCloud, Howly will provide you with all the information you need. We’re a reputable service existing on the market for a long time. And our technicians know everything about troubleshooting problems with Apple products and services. Rest assured, you’ll fix any iCloud issue whether it’s related to account creation, login, or setup. With our clear, stepwise instructions, you’ll solve your problem in minimum time and with no stress. In addition, our tech-savvy specialists are available 24/7, so ask your questions at any time!

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