How to create a second iCloud account

Updated: April 12, 2023
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How to create a second iCloud account
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Having an account in iCloud, you can access and synchronize the information on multiple Apple devices. It’s important to comprehend that if your devices are connected via one Apple ID, then an iCloud email is a part of the Apple tool pack you can’t do without if you want to get the best user experience. But even if you use one iCloud email as your basic account, you also have the option to set up additional profiles and use them at your discretion. So, iOS owners often seek ways to create a second iCloud account for various purposes – sign up for online services or websites, maintain business correspondence, separate accounts for family members, and the like.

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However, the process isn’t obvious, so users usually get into trouble and reach out to Howly for help. The point is that an iCloud account is associated with an Apple ID, and the developers allow you to create a second iCloud account only if you connect it to a different Apple ID. As an alternative, you can take advantage of iCloud aliases by setting up independent email addresses for your account. Sounds complicated? Keep cool, everything is much easier than it seems. We’ll guide you through each of the ways so that you manage to create a second iCloud account on the iPhone, Mac, or iPad with no hassle.

How to create a second iCloud account on iPhone, Mac & iPad

First, let’s puzzle out how to add a different address by registering a new Apple ID. The thing is that your Apple ID address doesn’t have to be linked to iCloud, while you can’t set up iCloud without connecting your Apple ID. Hence, if you already have an iCloud account linked with Apple ID, you should register a new Apple profile to make another account in iCloud. And since you can’t switch profiles, sign out of your active Apple account and get a new ID:

  1. Get into Settings and tap Sign In.
  2. Hit Create Apple ID.
  3. Opt for Don't have/forgot an Apple ID.
  4. Pick Create Apple ID.
  5. Complete the required steps.
  6. Complete the verification using your phone number.
How to create a second iCloud account

You can also get through the process using the App Store or website. So, a new Apple ID is ready, how do you create a second iCloud account now? Here’s how to do it on various Apple devices:

For Mac owners

  • Tap the Apple icon and pick System Preferences.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Move to Internet Accounts.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Pick iCloud on the left-hand side of the window.
  • Provide your credentials (password and Apple ID).
  • Hit the Mail checkbox.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Come up with a new address for your iCloud email.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Pick OK -> Create.

For iPhone and iPad users

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  1. Open Settings and pick your name.
  2. Move to iCloud.
  3. Hit the Mail checkbox.
  4. Once a pop-up message appears, tap Create.
  5. Come up with a new iCloud email.
  6. Pick Next -> tap Done.
How to create a second iCloud account

How to create second iCloud account via aliases

This option to create a second iCloud account turns out to be much more convenient than the previous one. Indeed, iCloud aliases allow you to keep all your addresses in one account. Thus, you don’t have to make a second Apple ID or switch profiles any time you want to access another iCloud account. What’s more, it’s easy to set up and manage aliases. Here’s how to deal with it:

  • Move to and submit your valid Apple ID.
  • Select the Mail icon.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Spot the gear icon and pick Preferences.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Go to the Account tab.
  • Tap Add an Alias.
How to create a second iCloud account
  • Give a name to your alias as soon as you create an additional iCloud address. Also, provide your full name and add a label to differentiate the account from other aliases.
  • Tap OK.
How to create a second iCloud account


What is the greatest number of accounts in iCloud I can add to my iPhone?

Apple allows you to add as many as three additional iCloud accounts linked through one Apple ID. Thus, you can create a second iCloud account on your iPhone by making an email alias.

Is it difficult to delete an iCloud alias?

The procedure is stress-free since Apple made it easy to manage aliases. Enter and move to Mail. Head to Preferences -> access the Accounts tab -> pick an alias and finally tap Delete alias.

Is there any difference between an iCloud email and Apple ID?

Apple and iCloud profiles are considered distinctive, but users often confuse them since the same email ID is used as login. In fact, Apple ID is needed to get access to iCloud. And iCloud, in turn, is an extra service available for the owners of Apple products.


To sum up, you have two options to create a second iCloud account – to make a different Apple ID or attach aliases to your principal iCloud profile. And we highly recommend opting for the latter. It’s all about simplicity and convenience. Indeed, this saves you the hassle of remembering several emails and passwords and wasting time switching between accounts. What’s more, you can delete and create new aliases at will. Although the process may seem confusing, it’s rather easy to handle it. Moreover, Howly is here 24/7 to help you in the event of trouble. Ask any questions – our specialists are keen on fixing technical issues!

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