How to contact Uber

Updated: June 16, 2023
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How to contact Uber
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Are you looking for Uber contact details and can’t find them anywhere? We understand your struggles, and that’s why we have created the largest guide on how to contact Uber. Here we are gathering six ways to get help from service representatives: both for drivers and passengers.

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How to contact Uber: 6 possible ways

Firstly, visit the official help center. Both in-app and phone support mostly redirect you to the support center. It will be easier to do research and look for troubleshooting guidelines there.

You can also reach for help from the Uber app. General users will see the same help center but in the in-app format. Drivers can complain to Uber by tapping on the Contact Us virtual button. Uber Business users can write an email to

The easiest way to get a response from Uber representatives for general users is to call a hotline at 800-593-7069. In emergency cases, drivers should contact the Critical Safety Response division at 800-353-8237. Passengers (riders) have a different emergency hotline at 800-285-6172.

Another method to get in touch with Uber is to write them a message on social media or tag them in your post. Usually, they reply relatively fast: you’ll get a response within 1-2 days.

Drivers and carriers can visit the nearest physical Greenlight Hub to ask representatives from their town in person.

How to contact Uber

Use the Help сenter

Uber has hundreds of millions of active users daily. Thus, they want to automate a help experience as much as possible. Even when you’ve talked with a customer agent over the phone or via email, they mostly redirect you to the Help Uber website.

So you can save time and visit it in the first place. Find the section that fits your request to the support team and follow instructions from Uber. In some cases, you’ll get a contact form, contact number, or e-mail from general support.

The most straightforward way to contact Uber this way is to select the Uber Business block and click on Contact Support. You’ll get two options to contact the Uber team: over the phone or by email (both listed in our article). Also, you can fill out the form with a request for help.

Contact from the Uber app

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You can also get help straight from the Uber application. General guidelines are the same both for drivers and riders. In both cases, you should stick to this instruction:

  1. Open the Uber application and go to Your Trips.
  2. Choose a specific trip where you face the problem.
  3. View the Trip Details page until you find the Help section.
  4. Choose the issue that happens during the ride.

In most cases, Uber suggests semi-automated solutions that you can get at the Uber Help site, but in some, you’ll get a chance to fill out a support help form. Drivers should see the Contact Us virtual button that allows them to call Uber support right from the app, while riders should use the menu to find the suitable contact option.

Call over the phone

How to contact Uber

You can try to call Uber's general hotline at 800-593-7069. But there is no guarantee that you’ll get an immediate response. It’s a basic hotline, meaning the support agent needs to deal with millions of users in real-time. So it may take 20+ minutes to contact an Uber representative.

In general cases, drivers should call the general support line at 800-593-7069 and wait until the system connects them with the needed department. In an emergency, drivers can call a Critical Safety Response division at 800-353-8237. Also, you should call 911 if your situation requires police, a medical team, or firefighters.

If you need a fast response from an Uber agent as a passenger, call 800-285-6172. It’s the Critical Safety Response division. Beware that it works only for riders with a Diamond membership.

Unfortunately, there are no spare Uber contact numbers for NYC or other big cities. You should use nationwide hotlines.

Email Uber support

How to contact Uber

Uber doesn’t have a general support email. But it has an email for Uber Business service:

You can write an email to Uber only when you use the Uber Business service. In other cases, customer support will ignore you.

Contact on social media

How to contact Uber

Another great way to talk to Uber customer service is for those who prefer text messages. Uber has a fine reputation on socials: their representatives reply to users relatively fast. It usually happens within 1-2 days or even a few hours.

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You can reach Uber on Twitter by tagging the @uber_support account. If you are abroad, additionally tag the local Uber page. It can be @UberUK_support for the United Kingdom, @UberFR_support for France, etc.

If you prefer Meta, you can tag in a post or write a message to the official Uber account. We recommend you tag multiple Uber accounts: the main one and department that suits your case, such as Uber for Business, Uber Eats, etc. Follow the identical guidelines on Instagram.

If you want to share your story publicly by making a post or stories, try your best to make it viral. Even multiple tags from other users increase your chance of getting a fast response.

Visit a Greenlight hub

How to contact Uber

If you live in a big city, you can get in-person help at the local Greenlight hub. It’s a brick-and-mortar spot available for drivers and Uber partners. If you are a regular user, agents will likely ask you to leave and redirect you to general customer support.

Visit the HowiUber website to find the nearest spot. It’s the easiest way to contact Uber in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other big cities. It’s also an efficient method to reach Uber customer service in Denver and other middle-west cities.

These physical Uber spots provide full-time help: they usually start working at 9-10 am and close at 5-6 pm. But we strongly recommend you check the working hours of the nearest spot, because they may vary.

For example, we can take Uber’s Austin contact hours: spots near ColoradRiverer work from 10 am to 6 pm and work on Saturday, but Sunset Walley hub is available only from 11 am to 5 pm during weekdays. So we recommend you check working hours and plan your visit.


How do I contact Uber?

Call a general hotline at 800-593-7069. If you are in some emergency, contact the Critical Response hotline at 800-353-8237 or 800-285-6172. If your issue is not urgent, tag the official Uber account on social media or write them a direct message.

I want to talk to Uber customer service. How can I do it?

The easiest way to chat with Uber’s customer support is to call a general hotline at +800-593-7069. You can also write a post on social and tag Uber's official account.

Wrapping up

You have six ways to get help on Uber. The most effortless one is to visit the official help center and find a suitable guideline for your case. The in-app help section for general users looks quite the same as the desktop help center. Drivers have a Contact Us virtual button in the help menu to automatically call the hotline.

You can also call Uber agents at 800-593-7069 or contact the Critical Safety Response division using numbers such as 800-353-8237 (for drivers) or 800-285-6172 (for general users). Uber Business users can write an email to

If you are not afraid of publicly sharing your experience, you can write a post and tag Uber. Drivers, carriers, and partners can visit the nearest Greenlight Hub to talk with support agents face-to-face.

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The article lists some contact methods, but it's a bummer there aren't more direct ways to get help for urgent concerns.
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Good info, but Uber support can be slow to respond at times.
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