How to cancel TruthFinder subscription instantly

Updated: March 02, 2023
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How to cancel TruthFinder subscription instantly
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TruthFinder is a background check company which boasts a lot of positive reviews and proves to be an adventurous service to search for up-to-date and accurate information about anyone in the US. The platform gives you access to critical information about those you’re dealing with. So, you can check out a person’s criminal history, property ownership and personal finances, employment, marriage and divorce records, educational background, names of relatives, and contact details provided on social media. Of course, such good info can’t be free. Hence, the service charges $28 per month and doesn’t offer one-time background checks. Thus, users are forced to buy a subscription even if they need to screen only one or a few people. So, that’s no wonder many are eager to cancel a TruthFinder membership when the work is done. And this guide will be useful if you no longer see the point in this service. Howly suggests the best ways to deal with the cancellation online or via phone.

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Problems users face trying to delete TruthFinder account

TruthFinder offers several subscriptions to choose from – a monthly and two-month membership. While the first option will cost you $28, a longer sub allows you to save some cash by paying $23 per month. And if you need just phone lookups, you’ll be charged $4.99 per month. But whatever option users choose, they still face a number of issues when canceling their accounts. Howly experts outline the most common ones below:

  • The subscription doesn’t work after canceling although the prepaid term hasn’t yet expired.
  • Charges keep hitting the bank card.
  • Inability to find the needed subscription pack.
  • No link to cancel the sub.
  • The button to submit a cancellation request doesn’t work.

Have you encountered one of these problems and need help dealing with it? Or perhaps your issue is of different nature? Howly techs will help you cancel TruthFinder easily!

How to cancel TruthFinder membership step by step via website

Howly customers often ask “how do I cancel my TruthFinder account in the quickest way?” And all of them are happy to know about the opportunity to unsubscribe online. Indeed, the option is convenient – just grab your mobile phone or run a browser on your PC and complete a few simple steps:

  • Access your TruthFinder account on its login page.
How to cancel TruthFinder subscription
  • Tap Account at the top bar to open the dropdown menu and head to Membership Settings.
How to cancel TruthFinder subscription
  • Here you’ll get to your subscription plans and inclusions, just spot the needed plan and tap Cancel in the lower right corner.
How to cancel TruthFinder subscription
  • You’ll see a form for customer feedback, fill in the fields and hit Submit for confirmation.
How to cancel TruthFinder subscription

TruthFinder how to cancel it via phone

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This option will come in handy for those who have no access to the internet, encounter account issues, or simply prefer dealing with a live company representative. So how to unsubscribe from TruthFinder over the phone? It’s easy!

  1. Call 1 (800) 699-8081 to contact a hotline agent.
  2. Express the intention to get rid of your subscription plan.
  3. Provide your account details and allow the TruthFinder representative to terminate your membership.
How to cancel TruthFinder subscription

How to cancel TruthFinder account via email

Another solution to cancel your TruthFinder account online is to send them an email. Although this option isn’t as handy as the ways listed above, it’s still worth mentioning.

  1. Write to, claiming “I want to cancel my TruthFinder account”.
  2. Provide your name, billing address, and login credentials.
  3. Wait for confirmation – it usually takes up to 2-3 days.

You can find more information about TruthFinder's working hours and contact details on their website.

How to cancel TruthFinder subscription


How long will it take me to unsubscribe from TruthFinder?

Your subscription is terminated immediately if you complete the process via the TruthFinder website or by calling support. In case you send a cancellation request via email, it’ll take you 2-3 days to get a response.

Will I be able to check public records after canceling TruthFinder?

This depends on the date your membership runs out. If you paid for a monthly sub, you’ll have access to all the service features until the end of your membership term.

How do I cancel my TruthFinder subscription at no charge?

The service never bills its members for subscription cancellation. You can cancel TruthFinder free of charge and then renew the membership pack anytime you need to perform a background check again.


TruthFinder is one of the best services for accessing valid public records. But the majority of members find its monthly subscription little useful. Luckily, it’s easy to cancel a TruthFinder membership, especially if you send the request online via your account. If any issues arise, reach out to Howly – our techs provide full assistance throughout the entire process of TruthFinder cancellation. We can also solve different account problems and help you remove your personal info from the service after you terminate your membership.

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Nancy Perry
Invalid Date
It’s all pay to play. They say you a lot just to get your credit card. Bye bye $28 dollars I’ll never see again
Tom Carey
Invalid Date
Why is there no refund? I canceled my subscription just a week after using TruthFinder.
Carol Merrill
Invalid Date
I signed up and it turned out that the service does not work in Europe. What a pity.
Patrick Ray
Invalid Date
Thanks for the info! The guide is easy.
Invalid Date
$28 is too much for a few checks, isn’t it?
Invalid Date
I’ve just tried it out and realized it’s one of those scammy websites. It’s not worth the money.
Invalid Date
Howly solved my issue faster than the TruthFinder support. It speaks volumes.
Invalid Date
I’m not satisfied with the accuracy of their reports, now thinking of using Instant Checkmate instead. Did anyone here use both and can share their experience?
Victoria Howell
Invalid Date
I used TruthFinder just as a time killer since I paid for a full month. But I will hardly go back there.
Dana Spence
Invalid Date
My experience with TruthFinder was positive. So far I’ve canceled my subscription, but I’ll surely contact them if the need arises.
Invalid Date
The service can come very handy, but I in no way need the sub renewal.
Donald Hartley
Invalid Date
Thanks for easy steps!
Amir Owen
Invalid Date
Are they good for reverse phone lookups?
Invalid Date
The information in my report does not match the truth. I tried to update it by calling the support service, but they say they are not responsible for the offered public records.
Catrin McCormick
Invalid Date
Is there a way to get my money back?
Chester Davila
Invalid Date
It would be better if they introduced payment for each individual check. Nobody needs a monthly subscription.
Invalid Date
I ran TruthFinder just for fun, and there is a LOT of inaccuracies. The service isn’t as great as many may think.
Gilbert Beltran
Invalid Date
TruthFinder doesn’t actually guarantee the truth, does it?
Invalid Date
I find PeopleConnect and US search to be more reliable for checks. I doubt I'll ever sign up for TruthFinder again.
Loui Gibson
Invalid Date
It's even frightening how much information there is about me on the internet. Can I use TruthFinder to remove it?

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