How to cancel New York Times subscription with Howly

Updated: May 12, 2023
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How to cancel New York Times subscription with Howly
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There are different workarounds for the New York Times cancel subscription. Some are shorter, while others may seem simpler to some users. Tastes and views differ. Hence, Howly is here to provide a versatile guide for all people who want to end the NY Times digital subscription and cancel. Our experts will lay out all cards on the table and enlighten you about all possible nuances you may experience during your quest. But first, you should consider having reduced New York Times publications after the cancellation.

Before we start

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Do you still want to shed light on how to cancel the New York Times subscription? Then, you have appealed to the right team. Our professional assistants clarify each step in this comprehensive review, making it easy and quick, even if you’ve never dealt with closing online subscriptions. Hence, Take note of the information below and put tips into practice to successfully cancel NY Times.

New York Times cancel subscription phone number no required

Are you interested in how to cancel the NYTimes subscription without calling? Nothing is easier, since digital subscriptions paid through this edition are possible to close via your account. Here is what you should do to stop billing:

  1. Enter your account.
  2. Find the Subscription Overview section.
  3. Choose Manage Subscription.
  4. Pick the Cancel Your Subscription option.
  5. Follow the directions to complete the process.

Suppose you bought your subscription from your mobile device through Google Play or, for instance, iTunes. In this case, bear in mind to get in touch with the corresponding payment service directly to stop or manage your membership.

Cancel the NYT subscription with a Care Advocate

How to cancel New York Times

If you are a careful customer and cannot rely on online procedures, direct contact with a care advocate may become an acceptable solution for the NYTimes cancel subscription:

  1. Enter the company's website or its mobile version.
  2. Pick the Chat icon to the right or bottom of the page.
  3. Communicate with a Care Advocate and cancel New York Times.

The approach is very handy and comfortable, since the chat is responsive every day around the clock.

Cancel New York Times subscription by phone

How to cancel New York Times

If you cannot contact managers, you are free to dial 866-273-3612 (for USA residents only). In this case, please consider working hours from 7 am-10 pm during working days and 7 am-3 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and official holidays. The international contact information is on board for those living in other countries. Note that phone numbers to cancel the NYTimes subscription differ for Asian, European, and South American regions.

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Besides, 1-800-591-9233 is available to cancel NYTimes with the bot. Once you dial 1-800, the newspaper's auto system will ask you about your membership type. It is about Home Delivery or Digital Only subscriptions. Thereafter, the bot provides you with correct directions based on your answer.

Things to Remember to handle the NYTimes subscription cancel process

When interacting with the rep, it will be great to have your account number and the latest bill. Don’t you know where they are? You may find everything you need at UNKNOWN TAG — ins. Besides, please specify actual details about yourself to prove your identity. And finally, note that you will probably experience challenges when trying to cancel the NY Times subscription with an outstanding balance. So, you must pay all bills to avoid misunderstanding. If you doubt your status, ask the manager about payments you must close.

How to cancel New York Times home delivery

All customers have the right to cancel NYTimes delivery:

  1. Land on the New York Times account page.
  2. Go to the Your Subscriptions section.
  3. Choose the Add Suspension option.
  4. Pick the stop date and the day you will commence again (optionally) from the drop-down calendar.

Please keep in mind that you may need to initiate the NYT subscription cancel process up to three days before your suspension comes into force. After that, you won't get the newspaper. At the same time, you save your online account if you have it.

How to cancel the NYT cooking subscription

How to cancel New York Times

To cancel NYT cooking, you can contact the newspaper's representative via the 1-800-698-4637 phone number. Please consider solving the issue before a four-week billing cycle ends. In this case, the company won't charge fees. When your NY Times subscription cancel cooking takes effect, you still can access your Recipe Box but without NYT Cooking recipes.

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How do I cancel my New York Times subscription suspension?

Enter your New York Times account and go to the Home Delivery page. After that, you only need to click the Remove button and confirm by choosing the Yes, cancel option.

How do I know about a successful NY Times cancel subscription?

You should request cancellation proof via email. It will help you prove no responsibility for possible future fees if billing or other problems appear. As a rule, you get the confirmation link in two days. Please, contact the operator if you face delays.

Can I cancel the NY Times subscription by removing the app from my mobile device?

No, you can't. To avoid charges, you should deactivate your account first. Besides, turning off the auto-renewal feature is crucial if you buy via iTunes or Google Play. After that, you can remove the app and rest assured about the cancellation.

In Taking Stock of the Guide

Now, key takeaways and details are on the surface, and the question “how to cancel my New York Times subscription” won't bother you anymore. However, more reasonable issues may appear connected to this online and paper edition. So, don't hesitate to contact the Howly expert team for quick and optimal solutions. We will find the way out in a second, take your hand, and step you through all the challenging moments, whether you need NYT suspension, TMEsub cancel, or any other processes.

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Lucy Changeable
Invalid Date
I canceled according to Howly's instructions, and it came out. Thank you, Howly!
Carter Brown
Invalid Date
I think NYT is a vivid example of decent journalism.
Blake Morris
Invalid Date
The newspapers upgraded my account without my knowledge. I will definitely cancel.
Invalid Date
I bought the subscription several years ago, But now, cultural content and interesting stories have gotten off elsewhere.
Invalid Date
Customer support has always been excellent. I like my membership despite minor issues that have been resolved effortlessly.
Invalid Date
SOS! I can't end with the free trial online subscription.
Aiden Shelby
Invalid Date
I canceled my account, but the company continued to charge fees. After all, customer service refunded my last month's charge.
Nora Shaw
Invalid Date
I appreciate Howly's guides. They help a lot. Good job this time again!
Invalid Date
Customer support could be more responsive and help in practice rather than harping endlessly, “we're working on a solution.”
Invalid Date
This is so outdated......
Invalid Date
I'm tired of being brainwashed. So, I followed Howly's tips and canceled the account.
Hudson Blake
Invalid Date
“All Access” is not all access, in fact, because it doesn’t provide food, sports, consumer, and tons of other content.
Invalid Date
I decided to cancel my subscription because of awfully biased news.
Invalid Date
I'm not satisfied with the delivery service. Thank you, Howly, for instructions to stop the home delivery service.
William Jackson
Invalid Date
When I want some serious food for thought, The New York Times Opinion section is where I turn to. I am not ready to cancel!
Invalid Date
Can someone who has canceled their subscription share if they faced any unexpected costs or if the process was straightforward?
Ella Decker
Invalid Date
Pop-ups constantly interrupt my digital experience. I want to close my account, and now I know how.
Sophia Springfield
Invalid Date
A digital edition subscription is good for me. I'm not going to close my account.
Kiana Spencer
Invalid Date
They start charging fees automatically after a free trial. Didn't know what to do. But thanks to Howly, everything is okay now.
David Jones
Invalid Date
I had been an NYT subscriber for two years until I canceled because of full-amount charges before the subscription contract expired.

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