How to cancel JustAnswer subscription with Howly

Updated: February 10, 2023
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How to cancel JustAnswer subscription with Howly
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JustAnswer is the site that provides professional answers from trusted specialists with the power recognized in their field of expertise, like a lawyer, veterinarian, or doctor. And, of course, you pay regular monthly membership fees as a registered user. Don't you need the service anymore? Are you interested in how to cancel JustAnswer regardless of their experts' decades of experience and excellent authority in various fields? You are in the right place. This article contains all the information you need to interrupt your service on the platform. Howly presents a clear guide to help you complete all the steps online.

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Why you may need to cancel JustAnswer payments

Many reasons push people to seek how to cancel JustAnswer subscription. For instance, the membership seems rather expensive, and the service becomes not cost-effective. It's getting hard to predict how much you will pay every month because the program calculates the questions you ask. And since difficult questions are more expensive to answer, the fee may significantly vary in a wide range. Besides, some clients are not completely satisfied with the answers they get. Or, for example, you may not need the expert service anymore either. In any case, taking the right steps might be tricky.

Luckily, Howly is here willing to help you break the bonds in the best possible manner. We're available online 24/7. Our service comprises highly qualified technicians ready to help at the first call via live chat or direct connection to your computer. And comprehensive guidelines on how to cancel JustAnswer payments.

What do you need to cancel JustAnswer trial in a minute

You can register with JustAnswer, add credit card details, and buy a 7-day trial for $1 by sending the request in the chat. After that, you access unlimited questions, all types of experts, several free phone calls, etc. Then, the system charges regular monthly membership fees unless you cancel JustAnswer trial before the 7-day period expires. You may use both online and offline methods to succeed. And whatever you choose, Howly recommends keeping the following information on hand:

  • First and last names (the same registered as a member).
  • Contact phone number.
  • Email registered in your account.
  • Account username.
  • Password.
  • Postal and billing addresses.
  • PIN or ZIP Code.
  • Country and state, region, or province.
  • The reason for the cancellation.

After that, use one of Howly's guides below to terminate your membership.

How to cancel JustAnswer account over the Internet

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To cancel my JustAnswer subscription online on the JustAnswer website, please use your login and follow the prompts:

  • Go to the sign-in web page of the service.
How to cancel JustAnswer account
  • Opt for the My Account section.
Opt for the My Account section.
  • Hit the Edit tool in the Account Information section on the left of the displayed page.
  • Scroll down and find and press the Edit Your Subscription button.
  • Scroll down again and click the Edit Your Subscription option to open the page.
  • Now, choose the Cancel My Subscription Plan tab.
  • Click Submit to prove your intention to cancel JustAnswer membership.

After that, go to your e-mail box and find the confirmation details related to your termination. Again, we recommend saving details for possible subsequent use.

How to cancel the JustAnswer sign-up via email

If you don't want to ask JustAnswer how to cancel your membership from your account, you can write an email to Still, consider composing it correctly, providing account details and the associated data. Then, add your cancellation request. Check your email for confirmation details sent by the service and save the response. Don’t delete the email.

How to terminate JustAnswer membership offline

Those interested in how to cancel JustAnswer account without visiting the platform’s login page may act via the phone or live agent. Here is how the process looks:

  1. Get in touch with Customer Service via 1-888-862-9212.
  2. The system connects you to the agent to let you talk and discuss the question.
  3. Specify account-related details to confirm your identity and the right for the account you'd like to cancel.
  4. Emphasize your intention to stop getting charged.

Please wait for the confirmation of termination. The company will send it to your email address. Then, save details for possible subsequent records.


How to reduce costs on JustAnswer?

Suppose you appreciate the platform for help in various categories but use the service occasionally and don't want to pay for premium membership. In this case, you can choose the pay-per-question model and take control of your money.

How can I cancel JustAnswer vet services?

JustAnswer provides online veterinarian assistance, among other things. If you don’t need help with your pet anymore, your can terminate your membership considering the above-listed guidelines. The cancellation process is general for all categories.

How can I terminate my JustAnswer account via the mail service?

You can write a letter and send it to PO Box 29045, San Francisco, CA 94129-0045. Remember to describe your issue, add reasons for terminations, and specify account details.


Now, you’re well-informed and handle the issue hassle-free. You see that JustAnswer is sympathetic to your needs and desires when allowing you to stop using its services anytime. So, choose the most appropriate and easy way for cancellation and address the issue in minutes. If you reconsider and decide on your membership in the future, you’ll easily restore your account. Have you changed personal data? Then, Howly will help you create a new JustAnswer from scratch.

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They charge high fees. I canceled my account and required a refund. I haven't received my money back yet.
RV Shei
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Canceled membership and found a more affordable service.
Jose Ramirez
Invalid Date
Informative answers are great. Don’t know until now whether to choose the pay-per-question method or remain subscribed.
Sarah Bernard
Invalid Date
Followed their expert's directions to fix some things in my sewing machine. Now, everything works well
Liam Harpster
Invalid Date
They offer reasonable solutions. Still, their bills make me think about the cancellation.
Invalid Date
I stopped my membership. I was assured that everything was done. But I'm still charged. Hope to succeed due to your tips.
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I think it makes money from people. Nothing more.
Alison McCain
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Great follow-up with the ability to evaluate facts of all sides.
Lee Barkley
Invalid Date
I got fast and good responses without knowing the ins and outs of computers. Excellent, but requiring the effort to contact support.
Invalid Date
They are professional, but cancellation is confusing for me. Guys, thanks for the explanations.
Ben Jackson
Invalid Date
The service has become too costly for my budget. I contacted support and got all issues resolved.
Invalid Date
I wanted to cancel my account via phone. The representative was responsive and tolerant, and everything turned out. I've got confirmation in my email.
Jason M.
Invalid Date
It's great you hold my hand through all the steps.
Invalid Date
Just Answer has helped me through quite a few scrapes. Still, I’m going to give up my membership for personal reasons. Sure, your guidelines will help.
Invalid Date
I don't like weird billing tactics. So, I will probably take your advice.
Katie G.
Invalid Date
Monthly recurring fees are annoying! So, I decided to stop the membership and did it quickly due to your tips.
Mathew Miller
Invalid Date
Thank you for your help. I canceled my membership with no problem.
Helena Garcia
Invalid Date
I'm happy with JustAnswer. Still, fees could be lower. So, thank you for the advice, I will keep that in mind.
Invalid Date
Thanks for helping to cancel the account. Now, I'm trying to reach them to get a refund.
Judy Johnson
Invalid Date
I'm a casual user. Didn't know the right way to use or drop. Now, I know. Thanks!

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