How to cancel IdentityIQ subscription with Howly

Updated: May 16, 2023
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How to cancel IdentityIQ subscription with Howly
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IdentityIQ is a pretty popular online platform committed to protecting your private information from theft. Besides, the service also offers a number of additional features, allowing you to keep track of your credit score, get theft insurance and identity restoration support, receive notifications about unauthorized changes or suspicious activity in your account, and monitor social media and dark web to find out if someone has stolen your data.

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Strong protection of personal information is extremely important these days, but what makes people reject such an opportunity and wonder "How do I cancel IdentityIQ?" Is the service really that bad? In general, most customers are unsatisfied with the platform at all, while others claim that its Secure Max plan is costly and other membership options are simply useless. There are also those seeking to cancel an IdentityIQ trial before it evolves into a monthly subscription. Whatever your case, the task may seem bothersome, but you’ll deal with it anyway as Howly is here to assist you! So, we’ve created a quick but efficient guide on how to cancel an IdentityIQ subscription online and by phone. Let’s move on!

How to cancel IdentityIQ subscription by phone

The first and principal option to get rid of your membership is to find out a customer service number to cancel IdentityIQ and call them. Since the company avoids providing their clients with stepwise guidelines on how to remove their accounts, many people find this method the most convenient to say goodbye. And it really is. We’ve prepared clear instructions to save your time:

  1. The phone number to cancel the IdentityIQ subscription is 877-875-4347 – grab your smartphone and dial it.
  2. As soon as a live representative answers you, declare your decision to leave.
  3. Provide information about yourself and your account and then politely ask them to send you a confirmation email.

Bear in mind that if you’re willing to cancel an Identity account by phone, they’ll need to confirm your identity to ensure you’re a true membership owner and have the right to perform such activities. We recommend preparing the following info in advance:

  • your registered email ID;
  • SSN (Social Security number);
  • your full name.

It’s noteworthy that the customer service line is available from 7 am to 7 pm on business days and from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday, Sunday is a day off.

How to cancel IdentityIQ membership online via website

If you’re unwilling to speak with a live agent by phone, you can also cancel the IdentityIQ membership online using a preferred device – your PC, tablet, phone, and the like. You’ll be surprised how quick the process is:

How to cancel IdentityIQ
  • Head to Account Details.
How to cancel IdentityIQ
  • Enter the My Account tab.
How to cancel IdentityIQ
  • You’ll spot the button saying Cancel My Account – hit it.

How to cancel IdentityIQ online via email

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Many users report that the option to unsubscribe from IdentityIQ is sometimes unavailable on the website. Do you face the same issue and keep wondering “How do I cancel my IdentityIQ account online?” Try to contact their representatives via email:

  1. Send a cancellation email to UNKNOWN TAG — ins (see an example in the picture below).
  2. Wait until a customer support representative texts you back.
  3. Provide all the information they ask you about and request a confirmation email.
How to cancel IdentityIQ


How do I cancel IdentityIQ online if I forgot my password?

Change your password to log into your account. Simply click the link saying Forgot username or password, enter your username, answer several personal questions, and they will send a new password to your email address. After that, log in and cancel your account.

Can I cancel Identity IQ and get my funds back?

IdentityIQ refuses to issue refunds for any of their membership plans. If you’ve signed up by mistake or the service charges money from your card unfairly, you should contact their support team immediately. Otherwise, you’ll keep paying for your IdentityIQ subscription.

Is it possible to pause my IdentityIQ plan after the trial period?

Unfortunately, you can only cancel an IdentityIQ plan before or after it evolves into a monthly subscription. It’s better to complete the process on the 6th day of the trial to avoid subsequent payments.


Well, IdentityIQ cancellation is far from the easiest as the company imposes every effort to retain their customers. But still, nothing is impossible. And we highly recommend breaking ties with the service by phone since the option is pretty quick and reliable. If the steps provided in this guide prove to be ineffective for you or you have some account issues, Howly techs will happily answer all your questions. Wondering “How to cancel MyScoreIQ?” Or maybe you’re willing to get rid of your Resident-Link subscription? Get instant guidance on any issue right now or at any time convenient for you – our experts are here 24/7!

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Travis Barrett
Invalid Date
Better sign up for Experian… or Credit Karma.
Invalid Date
I didn't even sign up for this service and they charged me! Now I don't know what to do.
Lily Orozco
Invalid Date
How long do I have to wait for company representatives to answer my email?
Dale Gill
Invalid Date
Can anyone recommend a good alternative?
Lilian Hart
Invalid Date
This company makes it as complicated as possible to stop the sub renewal. Wow! What a scam!!
Invalid Date
I’m happy to get rid of my subscription! It was a real challenge…
Invalid Date
They promised to cancel my subscription but didn't do it and then charged me for another 3 months. It’s ironic that a credit monitoring service is the one that has stolen my money, isn’t it??
Cade Saunders
Invalid Date
In fact, their services are overpriced and you can get the same for free on multiple other sites.
Invalid Date
Identity iq emails you when the account is already canceled?
Invalid Date
Is the company itself legitimate? Can they steal my data?
Wanda Murphy
Invalid Date
I spoke to a lady who assured me that I could afford to pay $29/month. She then tried to convince me to switch to a cheaper plan by saying that she spends $10 every day just for breakfast. It’s awful! She must lose her job!
Casper Lozano
Invalid Date
I like Identity and had a really good experience using it. But it’s so far too pricey for me, I see no other reason to leave.
Invalid Date
Avoid IdentityIQ at all costs! It isn't worth your money!
Julia Baird
Invalid Date
Registration takes only a second, and unsubscribing – as much as 10 minutes!
Invalid Date
I would not recommend IdentityIQ ever. They hope you forget to terminate the short trial so they can get your cash and run. That is a very unfair system.
Invalid Date
How can I be sure they canceled my subscription?
Shannon Crane
Invalid Date
I talked with a representative before my trial was over and they assured me that my membership would be canceled, but a few days later I was charged $29.
Polly Chase
Invalid Date
Trying to cancel over the phone and I'm already on hold for 17 minutes...

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