How to cancel Adobe subscription: detailed 6-step instruction

Updated: March 02, 2023
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How to cancel Adobe subscription: detailed 6-step instruction
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Adobe is one of the most famous software companies that offers its customers powerful apps. But they all have one specific trait: you can’t buy it with a one-time payment. You should order the subscription and pay at least $10-20 monthly from your credit card.

Before we start

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But what to do if you no longer have a need for these apps? It’s the time when you start to search “Can I stop Adobe Photoshop subscription without a fee?” or “Which way can I stop my Adobe monthly subscription?” on forums. And Howly will help you solve those questions in a few minutes!

Types of Adobe subscriptions and their specifics

Types of Adobe memberships

Generally speaking, you can end the Adobe subscription without a cancellation fee over the course of 14 days after purchase. If you try to end your membership after this period but until the end of the first month, be prepared for a 50% fee. But after a month, you won’t get any refund. Here are more details about all types of Adobe memberships:

  • Adobe monthly subscription. You get a refund if you end your membership within two weekdays after the payment. If you want to end your membership after this period, you won’t get a refund. You can use all your features up to the next billing day.
  • Annual (paid monthly). You get a refund if you cancel the Adobe subscription within two weeks of the order. But after this period, you will pay a 50% fee for the remaining obligations.
  • Annual. You have only 14 days to get a refund. After two weeks, it gets non-refundable.
  • Multiple Year Prepaid. This membership type has the same cancellation policy as the previous one. You will get a refund if you ask for it within 14 days. After, it gets non-refundable, but you can use it up to the next billing.

How to cancel an Adobe subscription: step-by-step guidelines

As we said before, Adobe offers users various applications and membership types. Thus, they create a service where you can manage this in one place. It’s called Creative Cloud. You can access it right from the browser or download an app to your computer and phone (both iPhone and Android devices):

  1. Sign in to your Creative Cloud profile.
  2. Select a plan.
  3. Confirm your intentions.
  4. Provide a reason.
  5. Review offers and cancellation details.
  6. Confirm your intentions.

That’s how you can cancel your Adobe subscription at home. At first glance, it may look pretty easy, but in reality, it may confuse some users. That’s why we provide you with a detailed guide on how to cancel the Adobe Cloud subscription most efficiently.

1. Sign in to Creative Cloud

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You can log in online or by using the Adobe Creative Cloud app. It’s the easiest step in this routine.

2. Select a plan

Choose the membership that you want to remove. They all have basic features like 100 Gb of space on Adobe Cloud and unlimited access to Adobe Portfolio, Fonts, and Creative Libraries. In some subscriptions, you have full access to multiple apps. So, here is what you may lose when you try to cancel:

  • Adobe Acrobat subscription — Acrobat, Scan, Fill & Sign. It also contains an Adobe Acrobat Reader subscription.
  • Adobe Photography — Lightroom (+ extra features in Classic) and Photoshop (+ extra features in Express).
  • Adobe Pro subscription — Premiere Pro, Rush, Express.
  • Adobe Stock subscription — up to 10 assets (photo or video) in a month.
  • Adobe Cloud subscription — combines all Adobe apps and 100 GB of storage.

At the same time, Adobe gives you some “solo” memberships with one app and basic features.

Check out this list of memberships:

  • Adobe Illustrator — subscription for a tool that helps you make vector images.
  • Adobe Lightroom — subscription for editing and organizing images app.
  • Photoshop — an app where you create and edit vector and raster images.
  • After Effects — app, where you can create Motion Graphic and SFX for videos.
  • Animate — tool for vector animations, where you can set your own settings.
  • Dreamweaver — an app that helps web designers to create user-friendly sites.
  • InCopy — design app for writers and editors to help them create a layout.

Select the subscription you want to remove and click on the Continue button.

3. Cancel your membership

Find the subscription you wish to remove and confirm your intentions. Stick to this short guide:

  1. Find your membership in the Available Options window.
  2. Press the Change the plan button. It will redirect you to the window where you can end your membership.
  3. Click on the Cancel button.

4. Provide your reasons

Provide your reasons to Adobe

Now the system will redirect you to the page “Why are you leaving us?” with a list of possible causes in the menu. Choose the one that fits you the most and click Continue.

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5. Review offers and cancellation details

Cancellation details on Adobe membership

Here you’ll see the details page, where Adobe shows you the cancellation fee and other valuable components you will lose after ending your membership. Confirm your intentions once again.

6. Verify that you are quitting

This is the last confirmation that proves that you want to stop your Adobe Monthly subscription. You will see a few beneficial offers. If you like the offer, click on it to launch a new deal. But if you decide to quit, click on Continue. Adobe will send you a verification email. Check your inbox and click on the unique icon with a link in it (sometimes it can be text with a link).  Click on it to verify your decision.

Other ways to end a membership

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If you can’t cancel the subscription in a classic way, you have 2 alternatives:

  • Call customer support at 800-833-6687.
  • Email them at

In both cases, you should give the support agent your name, account digit, email, and password. But prepare that it may take far more time than in a classic online way: up to 30-40 minutes by phone or 1-2 days by email.


How much does it cost to cancel the Adobe subscription?

If you make it in less than 14 days, you cancel the Adobe subscription without paying a penny.  You’ll get a full refund. Prepare to pay a 50% fee if you do it within a month. In other cases, you won’t get a refund.

Can I recover my Adobe Stock subscription?

After you end the membership, you can’t use their apps. If you want to bring back access to CC features, you should start a new subscription.

How can I end my Adobe student subscription?

It follows identical guidelines no matter what apps you use. You go to the Creative Cloud, choose the membership you want to cancel, and confirm your intentions a few times. The overall guide stays the same even with popular trials like Adobe acrobat trial subscription.

Final thoughts

As you see, Adobe tries to create a universal experience for all its users. That is why you can follow the same 6-step instruction, no matter what membership you try to end: it can be an Adobe Acropro, Photoshop subscription, or even some musician tool like Audition.

But at the same time, they try to do everything to keep you with them: it includes multiple confirmation windows and beneficial offers. If you want to end your Adobe membership, stick to this guide: log into Creative Cloud, choose the subscription you wish to cancel, and confirm your intentions during the next 3-4 windows. That’s it!

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