How to cancel Acorns subscription

Updated: March 03, 2023
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How to cancel Acorns subscription
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Acorns numbers among the first big movers in the micro-investment business. Once humble service has developed into one of the largest platforms to grow and save money. So far, Acorns boasts over 10 million subscribers who enjoy its adventurous tools for wealth-building. However, there is also a growing number of those wondering “how do I cancel my Acorns account?” What makes users give up on the app? One of the greatest reasons for breaking ties with the company is that the process of money-growing appears to be slower than expected. Thus, it may take several months or even years to build up a considerable chunk of money. Another reason is that people simply don't have spare funds to invest, much less pay for a subscription. Anyway, if you’re among those unsatisfied with the service, Howly will guide you through the simplest ways to cancel an Acorns account.

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Common problems users face when struggling to delete Acorns account

Acorns subscription is offered in a couple of tiers, providing customers with an opportunity to choose between a personal and family plan. Although it’s easy to cancel both of them, the process may still be problematic for some users. And when issues arise out of the blue, people ask Howly experts for help. Hence, we can outline the most annoying problems that interfere with smooth Acorns cancellation.

  • continuation of billing after closing the account;
  • no option to close an Acorns account on the phone;
  • unresponsive Acorns app;
  • remaining funds aren’t returned to the checking account after subscription deactivation;
  • issues entering an Acorns account via app/website;
  • unexpected fee withdrawals;
  • app crashes during the cancellation.

Are you in trouble canceling Acorns? Rest assured, we’ll fix your problem quickly and effectively, whether it’s indicated on our list or not. Howly techs have long been in the industry, so they know the solutions to any possible issues.

How to stop Acorns subscription via computer

If you make money investments via PC, that’s your way to go to disable the Acorns account. However, since the process is done on their website, you can also use your smartphone or tablet to unsubscribe online. It’s not so difficult. The following steps will help you get it through.

How to cancel Acorns subscription
  • Tap your avatar and head to Profile & Settings.
  • Select My Subscription.
How to cancel Acorns subscription
  • Once you enter the section, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan and view your membership history. Hit Manage and you’ll also see the Close Acorns Account button – hit it.
How to cancel Acorns subscription
  • Now, you’ll get a pop-up message notifying you about the ability to pause your plan, just tap Yes, and Continue. Depending on the current balance and status of your account, you may be asked to confirm your billing information.

How to cancel Acorns account via app

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The majority of Acorns subscribers use the service on their mobile devices. Indeed, it’s a handy way to invest on the go and manage your finances right away. And the great thing is that you have the option to delete an Acorns account directly in the app, so there’s no need to bother with a web browser. The steps are no different whether you have an iPhone or Android:

  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. Open the Menu by hitting its icon.
  3. Scroll to My Settings and enter the tab.
  4. Spot the Manage section and pick Cancel subscription.
  5. Do the same once again on the confirmation screen.
How to cancel Acorns subscription


How to cancel Acorns account without email?

Your email is crucial to enter the Acorns account. While you can reset the password, there’s no such option for an email. Therefore, you should call their support at (855) 739-2859 to find a way out for your particular case.

Can I cancel my Acorns account with a live company representative?

The easiest way to get in touch with an Acorns live agent is to visit their Help Center and hit the chat icon. Type “Support” and choose an option that fits you best.

How do I close my Acorns account and get my money out?

Once you cancel Acorns, the company transfers all the money remaining on your balance directly to the checking account you’ve linked during registration. The process takes 3-6 working days.


Despite the great number of financial services Acorns offers, the platform will never be equally good to everyone. It often doesn’t satisfy the investment desires and aspirations of customers, so many decide to cut ties with the company. What’s more, today’s brokerage world is competitive. Hence, a lot of users seek alternative apps to build finances. Whatever your reason is, you no longer need to rack your brains over how to cancel the Acorns investment account. After all, this article covers the issue in full. Keep in mind that Howly techs are always here to help you in the moment of need. We’ll guide you through any Acorns problem, offering easy, stepwise solutions 24/7.

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