How to cancel ABCmouse subscription

Updated: March 17, 2023
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How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
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Today’s kids are tech-savvy. And modern technology offers a great diversity of ways not just to have fun but also to learn something new. The greatest thing is that specially designed educational resources, like ABCmouse, make the process of learning as easy as possible. Thus, the platform features a great collection of interactive online games, comprehensive books, funny songs, bright colorings, puzzles, and much more, so that each child can learn in an engaging environment through various fascinating activities.

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But if the resource is so great, why do parents wonder how to cancel my ABCmouse subscription? For the most part, kids just outgrow the service, so the membership loses its relevance. It also happens that a child isn’t at all interested in the games or books available on the platform. Anyway, you can cancel an ABCmouse assessment account online and via any smartphone. Howly will guide you through!

Can’t cancel ABCmouse – common issues Howly fixes

ABCmouse suggests three advantageous membership options for any budget – an annual, short-term, and monthly plan. And cancellation issues may arise with any of them. Therefore, it often happens that parents come to our specialists claiming, “I can’t cancel my ABCmouse membership”. Check out the most frequent problems below:

  • repeated monthly charges after cancellation;
  • subscription refuses to stop;
  • no cancellation option;
  • double billing;
  • problems receiving a confirmation email;
  • troubles entering an ABCmouse account;
  • ABCmouse isn’t listed among purchased subscriptions.

Struggling to fix another problem? Or maybe you’re seeking clear cancellation instructions for a particular device? Howly suggests the best methods for quick problem troubleshooting as well as provides individual guidelines to deal with any issue right away!

How to cancel ABCmouse online via website

Online cancellation is the easiest. You just need a PC or even your phone to complete a few uncomplicated steps. It’s also a great option to cancel the ABCmouse subscription without downloading the app.

How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Hit the Settings icon at the top corner of the screen.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • The top bar will pop up; enter the Parent Section by providing your password.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • You’ll find yourself on the Parent Homepage; move to My Account.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Tap Cancellation Policy.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Read the policy details and tap End Membership.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Repeat your choice.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Do the same once again.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription

How to cancel ABCmouse on iPhone

banner 3

If you’ve installed the ABCMouse app and paid for a subscription via Apple iTunes, you need to cancel ABCmouse through iTunes as well. At the same time, your device doesn’t have great importance since you can use both iPhone and iPad.

  1. Get into Settings.
  2. Hit your account name.
  3. Pick iTunes & App Store and tap View Apple ID.
  4. Move to Subscriptions.
  5. Select ABCMouse.
  6. Tap the button to cancel ABCmouse on iPad or iPhone right away.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription

How to unsubscribe from ABCmouse via Android

Downloaded ABCmouse on your Android and paid for the service via Google Play? That’s your way to cancel the ABCmouse financial membership!

  1. Get into Google Play.
  2. Hit your account icon.
  3. Tap Subscriptions & Payments.
  4. Move to Subscriptions.
  5. Select ABCMouse.
  6. Now, just hit Cancel.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription

How to cancel ABCmouse through Amazon

This method will suit those who signed up to ABCmouse using their Amazon accounts. While you can also terminate the membership using the Amazon App Store, we’ll show you an easier option available on any device – cancellation via the website.

How to cancel ABCmouse subscription
  • Hit Manage subscription next to ABCmouse.
  • Tap the toggle to end the ABCmouse subscription.
How to cancel ABCmouse subscription


What are my steps to cancel ABCmouse via App Store on my iPhone?

It’s all as easy as never. First of all, access App Store and hit the icon of your profile (in the upper corner). After that, spot the Subscriptions tab, find ABCmouse and just end your subscription.

When and how should I cancel the ABCmouse free trial?

Enter the Parent Homepage via, open My Account, and hit Cancellation. On-screen instructions are clear, just follow them step-by-step. You should terminate the free trial 24 hours before it ends.

How do I cancel my subscription to ABCmouse and receive a refund?

The easiest way to make a refund request is to contact the ABCmouse help center at 800-633-3331. The line is accessible 24/7. You can also send them a direct request via the website.


Luckily, ABCmouse makes things simple not only for kids but also for their parents. Therefore, the cancellation takes a couple of steps and requires no special skills or effort. Just choose the way you signed up and proceed to membership termination through the same platform. This guide features the quickest methods to cut ties with ABCmouse, so you’ll hardly get into trouble during the process. But if you still have concerns about “how to cancel my ABCmouse account” or need instant online consultation, Howly techs keep in touch 24/7. With our proficient experts, you’ll fix any issue with no stress and hassle. We’re here to solve your problems!

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