Dish network troubleshooting: what to do If nothing works

Updated: February 26, 2023
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Dish network troubleshooting: what to do If nothing works
by Christine Tomas
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You go home looking forward to the new episode of the series you'll watch tonight. You have already prepared a delicious dinner and turned on the TV, but ... there is no signal. What to do?

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Unfortunately, equipment usually breaks down at the most inappropriate moment. In that case, you can start googling: “Dish network receiver problems.”  After that, you can try to fix everything yourself. We hope that our article will help you solve this issue.

Why is there no signal?

Do not rush to panic. The Dish network issues are something that, in most cases, can be easily corrected.

There can be only a few reasons for the lack of a signal:

  • Wrong cable connection;
  • Signal interference;
  • Internal error.

For every reason, there is a solution. So let's analyze it in detail.

How to return a signal?

After you have found the reason for the lack of a signal, you can try to return it. But, first, let's see how to do it.

Is your receiver in the right room?

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Sometimes you want to do some rearrangement and move your receiver and TV to another room. But the signal from a Dish may not always extend to several rooms. Therefore, moving the receiver to another room may cause no picture on your screen.

To fix everything put the receiver back in place and ensure that all the wires are connected correctly.

To fix everything put the receiver back

Is there a new tree near your Dish?

Sometimes there are insurmountable obstacles to watching the series — trees, new buildings, or snow blockages. If they are close to your plate, they may interfere with the signal, and you will not be able to watch your favorite show. So if your Dish TV has no signal, check the obstacles.

To fix this, remove the obstruction from the Dish or rotate it so that nothing interferes with signal reception. Note that it may be dangerous. So do it carefully, following the safety rules.

Please call for service if you cannot remove the obstruction yourself for some reason.

New tree near your Dish

What is the weather outside the window?

Sometimes the signal may be interrupted due to bad weather. If you have some Dish network connection issues, check the weather. If there is a storm or blizzard outside, just wait until the weather breaks and watch your favorite movie on the Internet.

Weather outside the window

Need a reboot?

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The weather outside is fine, no new trees have grown, and you haven't done any repositioning, but still no signal? Then check power reset. It’s the first simple step in Dish Hopper troubleshooting.

To do this, go to the settings of your receiver. Next, press "Tools" and then "Reset Hopper." Sometimes a simple reboot can fix the problem. However, if the problem is more serious, don’t Google: “How to fix Dish hopper”, call the support service. You can find contacts on the official site of your provider.

For example, if you have Dish TV from, you can call 1-866-413-16-17 to contact support service.

Is everything okay with the wires?

Check if all wires are intact and properly connected. Sometimes the wire is not connected firmly enough, and the signal does not reach your receiver.

Everything okay with the wires

Is there some internal error?

If you see some code on your screen, perhaps there is an internal error. A few steps could help you:

  • Check if everything okay with the connection;
  • Try to restart your Hooper;
  • Clear cache;
  • Try resetting channels and retuning your receiver.
Internal error

To reset channels and clear cache, tap and hold the “Menu” button, then select “Installation Menu.” Next, click “System Setup” and “Erase EPG.” After that, your receiver will reboot.

Next, press the “SAT” button and then “Record.” After that, restart your Hooper.

If nothing helps, call the service or try to connect to another TV.


As you can see, signal recovery is quite simple. Now you know six ways how to fix the Dish network. However, if none of the steps work and you still see a black screen in front of you, contact your service representative or Howly experts. They will provide qualified assistance and return your favorite movie to you.

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