Credit Karma Account Recovery: 6 Working Tricks

Updated: October 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tap on “Forgot your password” 
  3. Regain access through “Security Settings”
  4. Replace your present account
  5. Send confirmation papers 
  6. Send an email to the company’s support team
  7. Contact the Member Support service
  8. Conclusion 

Tens of thousands of Credit Karma users are seeking solutions to this and other troubles, so we thought it was finally time to make the guide on Credit Karma login reset. Your profile may fail to work for two reasons:

  • Because your email account is hacked by unauthorized sources, essentially blocking you out.
  • Another explanation why you can’t log in to Credit Karma is that you cannot access your account because you’ve forgotten your password.

You’re in luck since we provide working solutions for both situations!

Tap on “Forgot your password”

Here is the easiest way to perform a Credit Karma password reset:  Click on “Forgot your password” and simply type in the email you use to access your Credit Karma record to recover your password. The company will provide you with an identification URL to modify your password, assuming that this is the email address connected to your profile.

Credit Karma password reset

Regain access through “Security Settings”

Here is how to change your email on Credit Karma in case you can access your account but are concerned that your email address has been hacked:

  1. Go to any browser.
  2. Sign in to Credit Karma at
  3. Then let your cursor linger over your username on your profile page, situated in the upper right section of the website. Then, a drop-down menu will pop up. Choose the “Security Settings”.
  4. Double-verify passcode and new email address.
  5. That’s it! You may enter your profile from the new email after selecting “Save”.

Replace your existing account 

You can also replace your existing Credit Karma account in order to regain access. Follow the steps below:

  • Start your internet browser.
  • Navigate to the Credit Karma homepage. 
  • Search for the “Replace Your Existing Account” option.
Replacing an existing account
  • You will be asked to enter your birthday, the email address linked to your initial account, plus the last 4 numbers of your identification number.
  • Verify all the information is accurate.
  • For the procedure to be finished, click on the “Replace My Account” button.

Please note that mobile devices can’t access the account replacement option. 

Also, understand that if you change your profile, you cut off access to the scoring history of your previous account and must start over.

Send confirmation papers

Credit Karma can also update your email linked to your account if you no longer can sign in to the first email and do not wish to register a new profile. To handle this, just give Credit Karma evidence that your account is legitimate. The documentation will be sent to the Members Support center, where it will be checked.

Once they do it, you will have a Credit Karma password reset and will be given a provisional password to the new email address. We advise not to send the verification paperwork through email for security concerns. Instead, you can use a phone to independently confirm your identification if you carry a driving permit or identity card.

Sending supporting documents

Send an email to the company’s support team

You may reach out to to let them know you can’t log in to Credit Karma and truthfully tell them why you cannot handle your login. Have patience because it typically takes them 52 hours to resolve an email-related Credit Karma problem.

Contact the Member Support service

Contacting Member Services

The Credit Karma client support team members are also reachable through the online help desk. If you send them a message, it will take them around 10 hours to perform a Credit Karma login reset.



In general, no matter what the error is, it is relatively easy to reset the Credit Karma password if you have all the necessary documents. Just follow the steps from this article.

Need a more detailed guide? Remember that the Howly expert team always has your back!

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