Cool Google search tips

Updated: April 11, 2023
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Cool Google search tips
by Peter Davis
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This search system offers a variety of tricks that may enhance people's experience. These tricks include progressive search operators, search shortcuts, and hidden features that can save time and increase efficiency. By taking advantage of these tools, people may quite easily find all the necessary data, whether it be for research, work, or personal use. This article will provide a detailed overview of some of the most beneficial Google easter eggs.

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Reasons people need Google tricks

It is important for people to know about Google tricks because it can significantly improve their productivity and efficiency when using the search engine. By utilizing advanced search operators, users can narrow down their results. Additionally, knowing how to use Google's built-in calculator and unit converter can save time and effort when performing calculations or conversions. Finally, being aware of less popular features, such as Google's Reverse Image search, can enhance the overall user experience.

Practical and cool Google tricks

At a certain point, you might want to save yourself some time with some of these:

  1. Use quotation marks for the particular phrase you need.
  2. Explore one particular website with site: operator.
  3. Exclude certain words from the list of potential results.
  4. Search for words in the title of a page.
  5. Use the inurl: operator to search for words in the URL of a webpage.
  6. Find web pages specifically related to a specific site.
  7. Get a definition of a word or phrase.
  8. Search for specific file types.
  9. Receive a detailed weather forecast for your place of living.
  10. Use the time operator to get the current time for a specific location.
  11. Use the calculator operator.
  12. Use the currency converter operator to convert currencies.
  13. Use the flight status operator to check the status of a flight.
  14. Use the movie operator to get information about a specific movie.
  15. Use the stock quotes operator to get stock quotes for a specific company.
  16. Translate text between different languages.
  17. Use the sports scores operator to get the latest scores for a specific sport or team.
  18. Use the map operator to get a map of a specific location.
  19. Use the street view operator to get a 360-degree picture of a specific location.

Now let’s elaborate on these and other Google search secrets.

Quotes for an exact phrase

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To make your Google searches interesting, you may search for an exact phrase. To achieve the best result the first time, use quotation marks on each side of the needed search phrase. For example, looking for "apple pie recipe" will only show results that contain this actual phrase "apple pie recipe", rather than just any pages that include the words "apple", "pie", and "recipe" individually. This can be especially useful when searching for song lyrics or specific product names. Remember, that this works for phrases, and not for individual words.

Minus to exclude certain words

Cool Google search tips

When conducting a search, it is important to use the correct search terms to obtain relevant results. To ban particular terms from your search results, you might put minus (-) followed by the term you wish to ban. For instance, if you are digging for data on dogs but want to exclude information about poodles, you can enter "dogs -poodles" into the search bar. This will ensure "poodles" will be banned from the search results. This can help you refine your search and obtain more accurate results about the things to google.

Search within a particular domain

Among other cool things Google can do, users might look for info on a specific website. To achieve the best results with this trick, try the site: operator with that website or domain name. For example, to search for "apple" within the website "", type "apple" into the search bar. You will see the results from the specified website or domain. It is a helpful tool for discovering information within a specific website.

Look for exact file types

Cool Google search tips

Among other things to do on Google, you may look for them. This operator was created to limit results to a particular file type. To use it, simply type "filetype:" followed by the extension you are looking for. For instance, if you are searching for PDFs strictly, you would type "filetype:pdf" in the search bar. This will return only these files in the results. It is essential to remember that search engines index not all file types, so using this operator may not always yield accurate results.

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Use the intitle: operator to search for words in the title of a webpage

Continuing the list of cool things you can do on Google: when users are looking for certain terms in the title of a webpage, you can try the intitle: operator. To achieve the best results possible, type "intitle:" ending up with the word or phrase you need in the title. This will ensure that the search results only show pages with the particular word or phrase in the title. It is important to note that the word or phrase must be spelled correctly and in the correct order for the search to be successful. Using this and other Google hacks might be useful in saving you some time.

Use the inurl: operator to search for words in the URL of a webpage

Among other fun Google things, that might help you, you may try this. To use the inurl: operator to search for words in the URL of a webpage, simply type "inurl:" continued by the phrase you need to google. It is important to note that it is case-insensitive, so it will search for both uppercase and lowercase letters. Additionally, it only searches for words in the URL, not in the content of the webpage itself.

Find web pages related to a specific site

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The related: operator is a useful tool for finding different websites related to the one you already have. To use it, simply enter "related:" followed by the URL of the site you are interested in. With this Google trick, the results of the search should be a list of websites closely related to the one you specified.

Define a word or phrase

Among other fun things to do on Google, if you need to look up the definition of a particular query, just type “define: [word or phrase]” into the search bar to get a definition from Google. You will get a list of relevant definitions from various sources.

Receive a specific weather forecast

Cool Google search tips

To use this trick, type “weather” plus the city or village name you need. You would see the current weather details for the location you need, including the temperature, wind speed, and other relevant information.

Use the time operator to get the current time for a specific location

In Google search, type “time” plus the name of the location you want to get the current time for. Using this Google trick, you should be able to see the current time for that location with the time zone and other relevant information.

Use the calculator to count

Cool Google search tips

In Google search, type “calculator” and a mathematical expression containing the numbers and operators (+, -, *, /, and/or common functions like square root or percentages) you wish to compute. You should see the calculator and the result of your question. Click the = sign or hit enter to get your answer.

Use the currency converter operator to convert currencies

To use the currency converter operator, you can type in the name of the currency you wish to convert in the search box at the top of the page, followed by your desired amount. For instance, if you needed 10 Euros converted to U.S. dollars, you would type “10 EUR USD”. The result will automatically show the equivalent amount in U.S. dollars, as well as the current exchange rate.

Use the translate operator to translate things

If you are wondering what to google to translate something, use the translate operator. To do so, enter the text you want to translate, followed by the language you want to translate it to, like this:

[text] translate [language]

For example, if you’d like to interpret "Hello" in French, you would enter:

Hello translate fr

The search engine should display the correct translation of the text.

Use the flight status operator to check the status of a flight

To use the search engine to check the status of a flight, enter "flight status" followed by the flight number and the departure date, like this:
flight status [flight number] [date]

For example, if you wanted to check the status of Flight 101 departing on April 15, 2020, you would enter:

flight status 101 04/15/2020

Use the movie operator to get information about a specific movie

Cool Google search tips

To search for information about a particular movie, type "movie" followed by the title of the movie. For example, if you wanted to get information about the movie "Jumanji: The Next Level", you would enter the following:

movie "Jumanji: The Next Level"

Use the stock quotes operator to get stock quotes for a specific company

You can use the stock quotes operator to search for fun quotes for a specific company. To do this, enter the stock symbol of the company you want to get quotes for. For example, if you're going to get one for Microsoft Corporation, you would enter "MSFT".

Use the sports scores operator to get the latest scores for a specific sport or team

To use the sports scores operator, simply type the name of the sport or team you want the latest scores for followed by "scores" into the search bar. For example, if you wanted to get the latest scores for the New England Patriots, you would type "New England Patriots scores" into the search bar.

Use the map operator to get a map of a specific location

  1. Step 1: Go to the search engine of your choice.
  2. Step 2: Enter your search query in the form of a map [location] (e.g. map New York City). This will bring up some fun stuff on Google, in this instance, a map of the area with different points of interest, such as airports, hotels, and attractions.
  3. Step 3: Use the zoom and other tools on the map to get a more detailed view of the location. You can also search for specific locations, such as shopping centers and restaurants, by typing in the names.
  4. Step 4: To get directions to a certain location, click on the desired destination on the map and click on directions. This will show you the fastest route to get there.

Use the street view operator to see a full view of a specific address

  1. Open the Google Maps.
  2. Search for your desired location.
  3. Click on the "Street View" icon.
  4. You will see a 360-degree image of the location. You can use your mouse to move around the image and explore the area.

Reverse Image Search

It’s one more cool thing you can do with Google. It works by uploading a photograph or entering an image URL to locate similar images on the internet. To use it, just open the Google Images page and then upload a photo or enter the picture’s URL. Once the image is detected, it will generate a list of similar images with related keywords, websites, and other applicable information.

Google Maps Timelapse

Google Maps Timelapse is another fun Google secret tool that enables users to view a time-lapse recording of changes to a certain location over time. To use this tool, open the app and type in the exact location you are interested in. Click the Toggle Timelapse button to enable Timelapse mode. You can then adjust the speed and zoom level of the video to observe changes in that location over time. You can save the resulting timelapse video or share it with others.

Google Mirror

This is another one of the funny Google tricks that help everybody to change the images that occur in their search results. To use it, simply enter an image you would like to search for and then choose the “mirror” option that appears in the dropdown menu. You will then be taken to a page where Google will present you with a variety of results for the chosen image and from there you can use the different filters to distort it.

Fun things to do with Google

Cool Google search tips
  1. Atari Breakout: Type in "Atari Breakout" and engage in the game.
  2. Discovering your IP address: Type in "my IP" and it shall display your IP address.
  3. Forming an anagram: Type in "Anagram" and the search bar will display results of words made from the letters you enter.
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe: Search "Tic-Tac-Toe" and Google will show a playable game.
  5. Google Snake Game: This classic game can be engaged in directly from a Google search. Type “Google Snake Game” and watch the ASCII graphics come to life for some fun and nostalgia.
  6. Google Gravity: Enter “Google Gravity” and watch all of the interface elements fall to the bottom of the page in a gravity-defying simulation.
  7. Tilt Google trick: Enter “tilt” or “askew” into the search bar and the screen will tilt at a slanted angle to match the word.
  8. Google in 1998: Type “Google in 1998” to get an idea of how Google looked in its early days.
  9. Google Translate Beatbox: On the Google Translate site, input “pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzkpzkpvzk kkkkkk bsch” into the text-to-speech box. The robot will Beatbox for you.
  10. Google Spinner: You can make Google spin. Enter “Google Spinner” to be treated to a nostalgic Milton Bradley classic from the mid-90s.
  11. Zerg Rush: Type “Zerg Rush” into the search bar and watch as a swarm of 0’s come to eat away at your search results.
  12. Find Answers Quickly: Preface any search query with “Answer To” and Google will usually provide a quick response answering your question.


What is the Google Gravity trick?

It is one of the fun Google searches that causes the traditional Google homepage to appear as though it is falling into an abyss. Enter “Google Gravity” and click on the very first result.

Is there a way to get an image of the entire world?

Yes, it’s another fun thing to do on Google. Go to Google Maps online and search for an area you’d like to explore. Click on the “Earth” option in the top right corner and you will automatically be taken to Google Earth view. You can zoom in and out, fly to different locations, and explore the area in detail.

Is there a way to access historical data in Google?

Yes, you can use the Google Archive to access historical data. To do this, open the Google Archive website and choose the data you want to view. You will be able to view data such as old web pages, maps, and images.


In conclusion, Google has a variety of fun tricks and features that can help us get the most out of the search engine. With the technological advances of today, there are multiple ways we can find information, get answers to our questions, and sometimes even access historical data on Google. Whether you're a novice or a proficient googler, there are fun things to search on Google for everyone. In case you have trouble keeping up with all of them or something doesn’t seem right, feel free to contact the Howly team.

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