Amazon Account on Hold: How to Fix the Problem Promptly

Updated: September 23, 2022

Table of content:

  1. Amazon Account on Hold: How to Fix the Problem Promptly
  2. Why Is Your Amazon Account on Hold
  3. You Gave Inaccurate Information to Amazon
  4. You Have a Suspiciously High Number of Returns
  5. You Order too Many Products at a Time
  6. You Enter from Multiple IP Addresses in Various Locations
  7. You Conduct Suspicious Gift Card Activities
  8. Who Has the Power to Unlock Your Amazon Account?
  9. How to Contact Specialists
  10. Send Your Documents Online
  11. How to Manage Your Amazon Account Properly After It’s Unlocked
  12. Let’s Take Stock

The Amazon account is mandatory if you want to buy or sell goods and services on this platform. Hence, getting your Amazon account blocked might be confusing and wasteful. For example, buyers fail to get their deliveries and use Kindle and other services, while vendors face frozen businesses. Such an annoying problem must be resolved as soon as possible.

So, how to recover a locked Amazon account? Those seeking quick and efficient solutions are in the right place. After reading the post, you will know the key stuff and behind-the-scenes nuances to understand and handle the problem.

Do you have a question like, “Why is my Amazon account on hold?” This review also highlights the reasons for the ban and guides you in the right direction.

Why Is Your Amazon Account on Hold

Why Is Your Amazon Account on Hold

Is your Amazon account on hold as the primary supplier for dropshipping or other online businesses? Then, let’s clarify the reason right now to avoid massive financial and client losses. Learning about what is behind it helps you provide relevant information and follow clear instructions on how to get your Amazon account off hold.

You Gave Inaccurate Information to Amazon

Getting your account locked viа fake information provided mistakenly or deliberately – is one of the most common causes of putting your Amazon account temporarily on hold. Many people have different intentions when bursting into such dubious things. However, most people are afraid of not being allowed to run businesses (dropshipping). Hence, they wrongly believe that there is nothing better than entering the following fake info:

  • Self-claimed name
  • False shipping address
  • Invented billing address

However, after placing the order or the item to sell, the Amazon system reconciles your billing address with your debit or credit card details and default Amazon address. In the case of no overlaps found, you will not be able to run any activities, meaning that your Amazon account is temporarily on hold.

Indeed, many users will tell you about zero problems with false contacts. However, this is partially true because online algorithms might not note their illegal operations for some time. After all, they will be caught and get the Amazon account on hold temporarily. 

There is no need to blame the marketplace for neurotic nitpicking or excessive vigilance. On the contrary, it protects users against possible sham acts when making your Amazon account locked. Moreover, the retailer stands up for its reputation and resources since it invests massive sums in anti-scam software and professionals.

You Have a Suspiciously High Number of Returns

Like other virtual markets, Amazon is knowledgeable about sellers’ returns. The more often your clients send orders back, the higher the probability of getting the Amazon account locked after the order has been returned once again. For this reason, sellers should pay more attention to their products and services’ quality and relevance to significantly reduce the number of returns and keep them at the lowest possible level.

“Why does amazon keep locking my account just because my returns are high?” you may ask. The point is that purchasers send orders back for free. At the same time, Amazon has to pay for shipping. So, who would want to finance someone else’s mistakes? Of course, no one. For this reason, Amazon monitors your returns.

You Order too Many Products at a Time

After signing up for the marketplace, try to avoid starting with dozens of daily orders not to get your Amazon account temporarily locked. If you are too active and order more than ten products from your first days on the platform, its anti-fraud algorithm may ban you. Someone can move through. However, do you really want to risk it?

How to never say, “My Amazon account is locked?” The best recommendation, in this case, is to gradually increase your buying activity, starting from 5 – 10 orders per day and developing your account up to 40 orders in the long run.

So, the more products you order from the same account, the higher probability of a ban exists. This is the key thing to remember to prevent getting your Amazon account locked for security purposes. Hence, it would be best to stick to the norm of nearly 30 daily operations to avoid problems.

You Enter from Multiple IP Addresses in Various Locations

“Amazon locked me out of my account!” Well, this might be unfair, but…

Some people resort to “gray” practices and start opening accounts from several locations using various IP addresses to share their accounts with partners. Formally, they do not commit a crime. However, the online retailer assesses actions like something out of the ordinary and “thinks” your account has been hacked. What is the result? Right, your Amazon account locked suspicious activity.

The ban is especially probable if someone places orders outside your operational location. Hence, sharing your account is at least unreasonable.

You Conduct Suspicious Gift Card Activities

It happened that the Amazon account locked gift card operations.

Gift cards are booming. They are valuable to sellers when attracting customers, and buyers desire them to pay less for goods. However, every store presents the rules for using their branded gift cards. Amazon is not an exclusion. On the contrary, it is even stricter than other retailers, developing clear regulations and tracking how people follow them.

So, when experts see complaints like “Amazon blocked my account” from newly minted sellers/buyers with gift cards, they recommend dropping using the card until your account grows to gain a solid reputation.

Who Has the Power to Unlock Your Amazon Account?

Who can unlock your Amazon account? Of course, applying to customer support is the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, ordinary service managers are not responsible for solving this problem. Hence, consider the following scenarios to cope with the issue quickly and painlessly.

The first option is to contact an account specialist. The second variant is to contact a supervisor to provide and confirm all the required information.

How to Contact Specialists

Several channels are at your disposal to initiate your Amazon account unlock and continue to sell and buy trouble-free.

  • You can resolve the problem by requesting a call if you live in the USA. Note that the service is not available for other countries’ residents.
  • Live chat can help as the fastest way of getting professional assistance.
  • You can submit the request via email. However, this method works and slows things down because of managers’ business, time zone differences, and other external factors. Generally, the entire process takes a couple of days.

All methods are legit ways to take things to their proper places. However, one more solution works. So, keep reading to know how else you can unlock your Amazon account.

Send Your Documents Online

Any user is eligible for directly uploading documents to verify personal data, meaning name, billing, shipping address, etc. Before sending papers, make sure you use your Amazon account-locked email. Then, follow the instructions:

  • Enter the account information to open your email.
Enter the account information
  • Find the last order dispatch verification email.
Find the last order dispatch verification email
  • Follow the link to unlock your Amazon account temporarily.
  • Open any product page and try buying the product. If the system informs you about the locked account, go to the next step.
  • Click the “Add document” button.
  • Attach and send the required documents.
Attach and send the required documents

Apart from the methods mentioned in the paragraph, Amazon offers faxing to resolve the problem. However, this way is less workable than others because your papers may be directed to an irrelevant department.

How to Manage Your Amazon Account Properly After It’s Unlocked

When you have learned about how to get your Amazon account unlocked, you should focus on its proper management to escape future bans:

  • Drop using Prime Service

Prime account is not for all but is designed for unique businesses. This recommendation is particularly valid for those into dropshipping. Since the marketplace is involved in paying for shipping, it closely monitors and strictly regulates your activities.

  • Use multiple accounts to operate with different IP addresses.

Open several accounts according to the orders’ volume. VPN and VPS services would be great to manage your account details under Amazon’s scrutinizing eye over your multiple IP addresses.

  • Reduce your gift card activity.

Do not operate with your gift card too often to avoid bans. For example, if your deposit is up to $200 via your voucher, the system will not put its anti-fraud algorithm into use.

  • Include low-priced items into your range.

This preventive strategy lowers the risks of being locked and facing significant money losses. It might become one of the decisive factors in your income growth.


Let's Take Stock

After you have restored complete control over your Amazon account, you should comply with the marketplace’s rules and terms to avoid problems in the future. Moreover, do not forget to notify your customers about the nature of the problem and its accomplished solution.

In this way, you will save your user base. Additionally, you should verify the integrity of information like billing details, attached bank cards, and others to see that everything is okay with your unlocked account.

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