A quick guide to factory reset your MacBook Air

Updated: February 17, 2023
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A quick guide to factory reset your MacBook Air
by Christine Tomas
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The MacBook Air is hugely popular among macOS fans. But not all users know how to revive the device in case of any malfunctions. Has your MacBook been serving you for a long time, and the system is starting to crash? Or maybe a certain bug is tormenting you, although you have already tried all kinds of methods to troubleshoot it? A factory reset can do wonders! This is a great solution that helps to return any tech product to a brand-new state. So today, we’ll figure out how to factory reset the MacBook Air to return it to its former glory.

Before we start

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Why you should learn how to factory reset the MacBook Air

A large number of MacBook Air owners run to the Apple service center at the slightest problem, and this is absolutely natural. After all, it’s always better to entrust troubleshooting to a professional than to aggravate the situation due to the lack of technical background. But the system factory reset is really efficient and easy to perform. Thus, you can solve many MacBook issues without leaving your home. Here are the benefits a factory reset gives you:

  • Speeds up your laptop;
  • Improves overall MacBook performance;
  • Eliminates macOS lags;
  • Fixes both tiny and severe system bugs;
  • Makes apps run smoothly;
  • Removes corrupted and problematic files.

Things to do before MacBook Air resetting

Although our guide focuses on how to factory reset the MacBook Air, it’s also worth mentioning some important things you should know about before starting the process. This will protect you from losing your personal data after reinstalling the OS. What's more, the following steps will be useful if you're selling your MacBook, as the new owner won't get their hands on your valuable information.

  • Back up your laptop: save your personal data to an external drive via the handy Time Machine app accessible in System Preferences;
  • Sign out from the iTunes account;
  • Sign out from the iCloud account;
  • Get out from the iMessage account;
  • Remove all Bluetooth pairs.

How to factory reset the MacBook Air with no hassle

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And so, when you've finished the backup and signed out of all your Apple accounts, it's time for the factory reset. The process isn’t difficult and won’t take you much time. Check out whether your MacBook is connected to the Internet, and let's get started! Follow our guidelines on how to factory reset the MacBook Air, and you’ll complete the process effortlessly.

  • Reboot or turn on your device.
  • See the Apple logo? Hurry up to press the Command + R buttons and continue to hold them until you spot the macOS Utilities window.
Press Command + R until you see the macOS Utilities window
  • Select the language you speak and click on the arrow to continue.
Selecting the language you speak
  • Select the last option from the list offered – Disk Utility and then proceed by clicking the Continue button.
Selecting Disk Utility
  • Check out the sidebar on the left side of the window and find your startup disk (Macintosh HD). Select it.
  • Hit Erase on the top bar.
Hit Erase on the top bar
  • You’ll spot a pop-up window asking if you’re sure of your choice to erase the disk. Name the disk, set the Extended (Journaled) Format (or APFS for the High Sierra version and any later), and click GUID Partition Map in the Scheme field. If you want to make the disk more protected, choose Journaled, Encrypted, and enter a strong password.
GUID Partition Map in the Scheme field
  • Confirm by clicking Erase. Then click Done.
Confirm by pressing Delete
  • Go up to the Disk Utility tab (on the top bar) and hit Quit.
Quit Disk Utility

Here's how to factory reset your MacBook Air. Not so complicated, is it? Your data and disk are now successfully wiped – breathe out! But there is one more thing you need to do – reinstall the OS. Don't worry. We’re still here with you, and we’ll guide you step by step. Let's move on!

Steps to reinstall macOS

  • Hit Reinstall macOS (you’ll find the option in the Utilities menu) and click on it.
Steps to reinstall macOS
  • Click Continue in the pop-up window.
  • Look through the license agreement and agree to its terms.
Look through the license agreement
  • Click on your installation disk and select Install.
Click on the installation disc
  • That's it. Stretch your legs and relax since the installation will take some time. After that, the MacBook will reboot, and you will get to the Welcome screen. Thus, your computer is ready to be set up.
Welcome Screen

If you’re going to sell your MacBook, you can stop at this point and simply turn off the laptop by pressing the Command+Q buttons and then clicking Shut Down. Otherwise, continue with the system setup by following the given on-screen guidelines.

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