Updated: May 03, 2023
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We have just got a Cello tv and can not get the password to register

all other input has worked including wi-fi, google etc

Short summary:

  1. Enter a simple password or try using "0000" or "8899" if it doesn't accept the original password.
  2. Restart the TV and try again.
  3. If it still doesn't work, press the arrow Up and arrow Down buttons on your remote simultaneously.
  4. If it still doesn't work, contact the customer service for further assistance.
  5. Enter your WiFi network name when it asks for a network ID.
  6. Complete any other set-up information needed for your TV.

Hello! Thank you for choosing Howly. Tell me please, are you trying to register the warranty on your new TV or register Cello account?

Cello tv

Customer Replay

Just bought a new Cello tv but can't get it to accept a password it has accepted all other info but not the password, i suspect that they have included the wrong remote as it has no ;mouse; button,

Could you please make tell me what else you see on the screen when it asks for a password?

Customer Replay

input password and a keyboard. we have input a PW via the remote but when we try to input it vanishes and asks for a new PW

And where did you get the PW you are trying to enter?

Customer Replay

just made a simple one up

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Do you mean you have made the new password?

Customer Replay

yes there is nothing on the paperwork that suggests a PW

Have you tried to enter the same password as you entered before when it asks for a new password?

Customer Replay


And what did you see after?

Customer Replay

nothing it just returns to the same 'input password ' screen

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tell me please what you see before the TV asks for PW, is that your account or something else?

Customer Replay

No it has a rolling program as you complete one field it goes onto the next, the others were the request for g mail PW, what country, etc all of which passed on to the next screen.

Okay, got it. Have you tried to restart the TV and try again?

Customer Replay

Yes a few times

please use the arrow Up and arrow Down on your Remote simultaneously.

I mean Press.

Customer Replay

no nothing changes apart from returning to'set new password 'screen and the keyboard

I think it should go back in the box and start again

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Top answer

Okay, could you please type there a 0000 or 8899 and try to proceed?

Customer Replay

amazing it accepted numbers and has moved on to new screen

Good news!

Customer Replay

Thankyou Stew it seems to be working .still needs some set up info.

Glad to hear that!

What other info does it require?

Customer Replay

got it now thanks for your help and patience

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