Updated: March 25, 2023
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Turn off voice that is telling what is going on

There is a voice explaining what actions are being taken or what room they have moved to. It's not closed captioning

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
On your phone? Is it your phone's voice assistant?

Customer Replay

No it is on the tv

Could you tell me your TV's brand and model?

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Thank you.
Is it turned on at the moment?

Customer Replay


banner 3

Please press the SETTINGS button on your remote — the button with an asterisk or cogwheel shape on it

Customer Replay


Is it showing you the Settings menu with the following entries:

  • Picture
  • Sound
  • Channels
  • Network
  • etc

Is there Accessibility in that menu?

Customer Replay

NO, there is another button all settings

yes, please select All Settings

Customer Replay

Okay, Picture came up

banner 6

Please look for Accessibility further down the list

Customer Replay

Sound sound out sound test

Please select Accessibility

Customer Replay

Menu transparency, closed caption audio guidance tv power sound

Please scroll further down
Is Audio Guidance enabled?

Customer Replay


banner 9

OK, is there Audio Description in that submenu?

Customer Replay

No just audio guidance

Does it still read everything on your screen out loud?

Customer Replay

Just the actions

Please try enabling and then disabling the Audio Guidance

Customer Replay

I'm waiting with it off

Does it keep reading out loud?

Customer Replay

I'm trying to find something besides news

Does your remote have a button with three horizontal dots on it?
Please see the image below


Customer Replay

Found a recording
It's still on with the recording

OK, could you please turn off your TV and unplug it for 60 seconds.
Then, plug it back into the outlet, please

Customer Replay

No, do not have that button.
Ok back on

Is the voice assistant still active?

Customer Replay

I'm listening

So it still keeps reading your screen out loud?

Customer Replay

Captions are on
Voice assistant is off I think

You can disable the captions in that same ACCESSIBILITY submenu

Customer Replay

I want the captions.

There will be another entry titled Captions or Closed Captions
Do you want to turn them off, too?

Customer Replay


Is there anything else you need to configure?

Customer Replay

I'm still checking the voice assistant is still on a recording. Could it be it was recoreded?

Is that a recording of a TV show?

Customer Replay

Yes. I'm checking another recording
I think it is off.
Thank you.

You are welcome, *****!

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