Updated: April 03, 2023
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Robot will not work

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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robot cleaned went home and emptied itself now will not engage when buttons pushed

What is the brand and model of this device?

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roomba robot i6


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thank you!

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your welcome

Thank you!
When your robot cleaner’s batteries are faulty/ drained, it won’t work correctly. The first step is to ensure the LED indicators light up when the clean button is pressed. If the light doesn’t turn on, you should try replacing the battery.

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be right back will look at this

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nothing happens when anything is pushed. large button keeps flashing white

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I see
how does it flash?

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every few seconds

I see
Is it clockwise or another way?

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it is the light ring indicator it is a circlr

Thank you!
Do you try reboot it?

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may I ask how

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Turn off the Roomba by removing the power source. Wait for a few seconds, say 30, and then turn it on again. This seems to have worked for many users, so who knows, this might as well work out for you.

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will try it. in the event it is the battery, where is it located and how would I purchase one? be right back

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did as you suggested but not my luck that should work. the light on the tower is rectangular it goes up and down this comes on white for awhile

Yes, sure try to wait couple minutes

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no good. if it is the battery where would I purchase one

I see

  • First, make sure the Roomba is on by making sure the LED indicators are lit up. Then hold the Spot and Dock buttons together simultaneously for about 10 seconds. The lights will turn off automatically, and you can hear a beep sound indicating the reset is done.
  • To hard reset, the device put the Roomba on charge. You can do this by placing the robot on its home base or connecting the charger directly to the robot. Next, press and hold the Clean button until the blue text ‘r 5Y’ is displayed. After that, release the Clean button, and you will hear a beep sound. Thus the reset is complete.
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be right back again

Take your time

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thank you very much. that seemed to work. have a nice night

I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

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no again thank you

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