Updated: March 30, 2023
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My remote is not working with my new Samsung TV - The Frame

My Samsung Frame tv will not take me past the start page.

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Have you checked the batteries in the remote itself?

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There are no batteries - this is a new TV and it is solar powered. It is fully charged.

What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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After the artwork comes on, it stays on for approx 3 minutes and then the TV automatically turns off.
I have also unplugged the power cords, disconnected and reconnected my wifi, plugged everything back in again. Same problem keeps happening.

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Got you
Please let me know if you see any buttons on the lower side of your TV?

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No it is a Samsung Frame.

Could you provide the exact model of your TV?

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The paperwork says Samsung 55” Frame 6 QLED TV


That's helpful, thank you.
You mentioned your remote does not work, could you provide more details on this? What happens when you click on Home button?

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Nothing happens when I click any of the remote buttons, except the on/off one. Normally, the home button takes me where it should but no buttons appear to be working.

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Please try to press and hold the power button on your remote until the TV turns off and on again.

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OK I pressed the on/off and the TV turned off. Then I pressed it again after a few seconds, and the tv turns on again. But none of the other buttons work.

No, you should press and hold the power button until it restarts itself, press and hold for 5 seconds

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Also, when I turned the TV on again with the on/off button, a small screen message appears on top of the picture saying “not available”.
Ok, I held the button until the tv turned off, and kept holding it down. But nothing further happened, the TV just stayed off.

Ok, turn it on again, please
What do you see now?

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I have turned it on again. I see the artwork page.
It is stuck on one picture for a while, then it moves to the next artwork picture. But I think that’s normal.

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To switch between TV mode and Art Mode, press Power on the OneRemote. The motion sensor detects any movement and will automatically turn The Frame on or off.

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That isn’t what’s happening. I press the Power button and nothing happens. If I hold it down the TV switches off.

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And, the “not available” message keeps appearing each time the TV comes back on.

Please unplug the TV while its on for about 5 minutes, then plug in back it
Let me know the results, please

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Appreciate it

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Will do.

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Ok. Done that now. Not seeing anything different unfortunately.

I see
Please check your TV again, there should be a button behind the TV screen or under the front panel of your TV
Can you locate it?

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Checking again

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Ok. The button is the same little square thing that has the on/off light. It had a tiny button behind it which I had to feel around for. So I pressed it and it seems to have reset things as the TV has come on again. Is that what you expected?

What settings do you see there?

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It looks like normal now, it seems to have reset itself when I pressed that little button.

Ok, so now the TV is working, right?

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It sure is. Thank you very much for your help. And sorry to have been so dense about it. I haven’t had this TV for very long and it is the first time this happened.

Totally understand! I am glad the issue is solved!
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Yep just done that. Thanks again.

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