Updated: April 03, 2023
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I had received a Copyright alert

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Please provide me more details with issue ?

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thank you, we received a copyright alert a week ago and we clicked the link to Appel and today we have just received another copyright alert saying that our add may contain vedrò images or music that are not complainant with fb regulation but we don’t have any add running. Also, we have tried to launch a new add campaign with a new post and it hasn’t been activated, what is going on?


In the previous add campaign did you use any music or images?

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No music only images from private arrives

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This picture was made by you or downloaded?

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By us many years ago

What exactly on these pictures, may be something that is not accepted by FB policy?

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My father with an artist Andy Wharol

So you got the account blocked or some post on the page?

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No, just 2 alerts: one has been already appealled and the other from yesterday and we have just few hours to get back otherwise they might block the account Hello User ID:*****, we will remove your recent ads because it may include music, audio or video clips that belong to someone else. Keep in mind, people should only upload videos they have the rights to share. This email is a notification for you, your ad account/Page will be suspended within 24 hours from Meta Audience Network Monetization. To prevent that from happening use the form below to submit an appeal: Copyright Appeal We archived the add before and now we have no add running but they say that we have an add which we do not have

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There is no option to report it in the email or message you got?

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there is an option to appeal but this would be the second time and there is a limit up to 3 times and since they keep saying that we are running an add although we have not any, I fear that we are wasting appeals

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thank you I will try

And fill out the form that you want to request a review of it and that you are the owner.
You are welcome!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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Can you email me the our chat? How can I get in contact with you in case I would need your assistance? Thanks

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I'm sorry, there is no option to send you the chat history but you can make some screenshots of it.
For your convenience, here's the link - https://howly.com/chat |
You can save it in the bookmarks of the browser.

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